Torquay shop bursting with colour and presents…

Oishi-m Torquay Store

The Shop is stocked and the Nannas are coming instore in droves. The Silly season is fast approaching and there’s lots of love in the air. We have rainbows of colourful toys and gifts instore. It’s amazing to see our bright Summery Oishi-m collection being brought to life surrounded by so many beautiful objects around them.

If you’re in Torquay drop in to our shop and say hi!

Rainbow Box

Oishi-m Torquay La De Dah Kids

Oishi-m Torquay, Summer Exclusives

Oishi-m Torquay Seedling Table

Loving our Footwear!

Oishi-m Footwear Sneakers, Trainers, Kids, Toddler Adidas, Nike, Onitsuka Tiger, Vans

We love our sneakers! Our shop is in full swing and our footwear wall is feeling a lot of love. We have Nike Free’s, Classic Onitsuka Tigers and even little Adidas Superstars and Dragons as well as some Nike Jordan’s for the most discerning of sneaker freakers.

Newest instore are these gorgeous Vans. Including their signature Vans Checkerboard in a crib shoe!  Sneakers are a perfect match to outfit back with Oishi-m mixing comfort and style. One can never have too many shoes…

Oishi-m Footwear Sneakers, Trainers, Kids, Toddler Adidas, Nike, Onitsuka Tiger, Vans

Oishi-m Footwear Sneakers, Trainers, Kids, Toddler Adidas, Nike, Onitsuka Tiger, Vans

Oishi-m Exclusive Summer Surprise…

Oishi-m Summer Exclusives

We’re releasing a little secret surprise collection today! We’ve put together a little capsule of super special styles in our Oishi-m Exclusive Summer Surprise. These ultra limited garments are exclusive to Oishi-m Torquay and These gorgeous pieces not only help us make use of some of our beautiful fabrics that we’ve got left over from previous makes, but it also gives a little spice to liven up our racks after a stella sell out of loads of our recent Summer release.

The T’s in this release are our first venture into a 6-12month size which is earmarked to replace the 6-9 and 9-12month sizes in tops. The T’s, Shorts and Skirts from this collection are beautifully made in Melbourne.

Get in quick though as they’re not going to last long, not even our retailers or staff have been able to get first dibs on them because they’re so limited!

Available from 10am this morning, only at Oishi-m Torquay and

Oishi-m Exclusive Summer Surprise Magnolia Shortsleeve T Shirt with Iris Skirt

Oishi-m Exclusive Summer Surprise Magnolia Shortsleeve T Shirt with Iris Skirt and Ionlite Shortsleeve T Shirt w

Our #OishimSummer Competition Winners are…

Oishi-m Share Summer Competition Winner

Drum Roll… we couldn’t decide on just one winner, so we’ve added in a couple of special mention prize winners. So Congratulations to…

MaryMary17 (from instagram) for winning the $200 Voucher (centre image)
Dee2x (from instagram, on the below left) and Tina Bagby (Facebook, below right) on winning our special mention $100 Vouchers.

Thanks to everyone who entered through both Facebook and Instagram. It was a blast to see how cute everyone’s munchkins are!

Oishi-m Share Summer Winner

Share your Summer pics to win…

Oishi-m Summer 14 Facebook and Instagram Competition

We’ve been stoked with the response to Summer and would love to see how your munchkins are enjoying our latest collection. Share a snap of your little one a Summer 14 outfit to win a $200 Oishi-m Online voucher.

To enter, upload a pic of your munchkin rocking some of our Summer 14 items and either
- Tag us in Facebook using @oishim or
- Instagram using the #OishimSummer

Entries lodged before 5pm Wed 5th November 2014 will be in the running. Good luck, can’t wait to see images of cuteness flowing in!

Doo Doo Pickle Meeting and Greeting: Summer 14 Release

New Release Day Oishi-m Summer 14

What a week it’s been! We opened our doors on Thursday to a lovely queue of customers. Now that you’ve had a chance to review Summer 14, We’d love to hear;

What did you get?
What was your favourite piece?

Here’s some of Doo Doo Pickle’s selfies from Thursday. Thanks to those who visited our shop.

Blog-DooDooPickleNewRelease-5Blog-DooDooPickleNewRelease-6 Blog-DooDooPickleNewRelease-4 Blog-DooDooPickleNewRelease-3


Summer 14 Behind the Scenes

Oishi-m Summer 14 Behind the Scenes

Summer photoshoot was not quite our easiest run of planning. Our first photoshoot day was scheduled a few months back.  A few days out of the scheduled day we were hopeful for beautiful summery weather but unfortunately the weather spirits were not in our favour with a frosty 14 degrees and wind and rain forecast! Not quite prime weather for “happy”  and “content” looking babies in summery shortsleeve T’s and shorts!

Round two attempt was a few weeks later and we lucked out with sun that shimmered over the beautiful Point Roadknight beach in Anglesea. Here’s a little glimpse of what really happened that day.

Oishi-m Summer 14 Photoshoot behind the scenes

Ikea Bags the solution to carrying anything… including our outfit changes.

Oishi-m Summer 14 Behind the Scenes Foxy Ox Shortsleeve Pocket T Shirt

Fun in the shorey’s in the Foxy Ox Shortsleeve T Shirt.

Oishi-m Summer 14 Behind the Scenes

Team Oishi-m with our ‘talent’.

Oishi-m Summer 14 Behind the Scenes

Seaweed monsters and shimmery waves.

Oishi-m Summer 14 Behind the Scenes Outrageous Skinny Jean and Foxy Ox Shortsleeve Pocket T Shirt

Getting filmed for our Summer 14 Video.

Oishi-m Summer 14 Behind the Scenes

The Paparazzi camera lens to snap every little moment.

Oishi-m Summer 14 Behind the Scenes Yama T Dress with La De Dah Kids Pink Crocheted Unicorn

The ever so beautiful Yama T Dress cuddling with La De Dah Kids’ Pink Unicorn.

Oishi-m Summer 14 Behind the Scenes

Outfit Change!

Oishi-m Summer 14 Behind the Scenes

Brother and sisterly love!

Oishi-m Summer 14 Behind the Scenes Macha Shortsleeve Pocket T Shirt and Big Wave Bay Short

Triking away.

Oishi-m Summer 14 Behind the Scenes Tuff Tanner Crew Jumper

It’s tough getting a frisbee in the head. Anyone with an eagle eye, the T in the background was a cancelled style. Sorry!

Oishi-m Summer 14 Behind the Scenes Shadey Glade Crew Jumper with Outrageous Skinny Jean

Taking it easy in the sand. After a big morning!

Summer is now available at and instore.

Summer 14 Now Selling!

Oishi-m All That Jazz Shortsleeve T Shirt, Victory Skirt, Macha Shortsleeve Pocket T Shirt with Big Wave Bay Short kids playing beach trike

 All that Jazz Shortsleeve T Shirt with Victory Skirt pushing Macha Shortsleeve Pocket T Shirt (pronounched “mutch-a”, which is green tea powder) and Big Wave Bay Short

Summer 14 is now live and selling! With a queue down across the front of our Torquay Store we’re more than a little excited to be launching this anticipated collection of Oishi-m goodness. There’s a so much pop and heaps of summery vibes!

Picking a favourite this collection is so incredibly hard! Even trying to select images for this blog post is getting ridiculously difficult!

Oishi-m Summer 14

Lilu Crew Jumper with Dooby Scoo Skirt chasing after Shadey Glade Crew Jumper with Sausage Chops Shorts


Oishi-m Yama T Dress

This Summer also introduces our T Dress (above). The Yama T Dress is part of our global collection (made by some amazing makers in China) and features bright and colourful mish mash of soft jersey Oishi-m fabrics combined with a super cute front pocket. It’s finished off with a scalloped hem perfect for growing little girls. The Yama T Dress is exclusively at and Oishi-m Torquay.

Amazing shorts and leggings perfect for fun in the sun. Spectacularly beautiful skirts and dresses for the little ladies.

Oishi-m Summer 14

 Macha Shortsleeve Pocket T Shirt and Snakadactal Track Pant cycling away

Oishi-m Summer 14Tellulah Shrug over the Hana Shortsleeve Pocket T Shirt and Bells Paradise Skirt

Shrugs for both boys and girls to help with layering. There’s also a splattering of denim, crew jumpers and hoodies to keep munchkins warm during the cooler days and summery evenings.

For those interesting in our naming convention, you might recognise a few famous and local surf break names in these Summery Styles. With reference to Bells, Jan Juc, Little Rock and Pipeline.

If you’re trying to find a specific item, be sure to check out that product on as we list all the stockists that ordered that specific garment just help with getting you on the right track. Happy shopping!

Get onto, Oishi-m Torquay or visit one of lovely stockists to track down your special piece. Get in quick though as we have a knack of selling out some styles and sizes within minutes.

Oishi-m Summer 14 release

Notorious Shortsleeve T Shirt and Laughter Legs Harem Jeans – Big playing with Cockatoo carrying Lilu Crew Jumper and Maroc Harem Jean – Big and Koi Beauty Shortsleeve Pocket T Shirt and Passionitti Track Pant – Big

Oishi-m Great Gladstone Hoodie and Notorious Shortsleeve T shirt

 Notorious Shortsleeve T Shirt cuddling the Great Gladstone Hoodie munchkin

Oishi-m Check Out Short

Check Out Short crawling across the beach!

Oishi-m Summer 14

Hana Shortsleeve Pocket T Shirt and Bells Paradise Skirt  with Janny J Dress – Big

Foxy Ox Shortsleeve Pocket T Shirt

Rays of sunshine and bright shibori print in the Foxy Ox Shortsleeve Pocket T Shirt

Oishi-m Summer 14Great Gladstone Hoodie and Skizz Chubba Jean walking side by side with Tuff Tanner Crew Jumper and Big Wave Bay Short – Big


Summer 14 Sneak Peek Video

Who’s excited! Summer 14 will be launching this morning at 10am. You’ll have to be quick though because this collection will be sure to have some sell out’s in minutes! Be sure to get on down to your local Oishi-m Stockist, Oishi-m Torquay or at

Fabric Competition Winner and Answers

Oishi-m Fabric Competition

And the winner is… Helen Kupfer

So how many did you get? Here’s the answer to naming the fabrics in the image. Or at least these are the ones we can remember!

Starting from top left.
Fabric 1. Sandiwave Shrug and Bow Short
Fabric 2. Petal Skirt
Fabric 3. Just Kiss Chubba Jean
Fabric 4. Dolly Lolly Hoodie
Fabric 5. Kiko Skirt
Fabric 6. Shimmern Skinny Jean
Fabric 7. Eat Me Up Yum Hoodie
Fabric 8. Kiko Skirt
Fabric 9. Not used
Fabric 10. Only used in Keep Keep On Skinny Jean. This fabric is similar to the one in the Freelander Short, but that was actually a lighter blue and the Chevy Harem was a smaller check.
Fabric 11. Not used
Fabric 12. In the Right Skinny Jean

Right Column:
Fabric 12. Kiko Skirt
Fabric 13. I Wish Skinny Jean
Fabric 14. Whimsy Skirt
Fabric 15. Joyous Chubba Jean
Fabric 16. Red Me Butterfly Skinny Jean
Fabric 17. Whimsy Skirt
Fabric 18. Not used
Fabric 19. Not used
Fabric 20. Picaninni Track Pant (Much to our confusion, this fabric was not in the Hatty Skirt as previously mentioned).
Fabric 21. Magic Chubba Jean, Falcon Chubba Jean

= 18 Styles.

Thanks to everyone who entered! It was a hoot.

Summer Release Coming Soon…

Summer Release Oishi-m

Summer release is just around the corner. For those that have had a looksee at our new collection, it’s  called our best range yet… Get on down to your local stockist or warm up your puters for 10am Thursday 9th of October. To be reminded when it drops make sure you’re an Oishi-m subscriber.

Update: Sorry, we had Daylight savings time all confused. Release is 10am Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

WIN an Oishi-m Summer 14 Outfit a Day Before the Release…

Oishi-m Facebook Fabrics to the Product Competition

We’ve giving one lucky winner the chance to receive a Summer 14 Oishi-m outfit. Delivered to you the day before the new summer release!

Here’s how to enter:

    • Head on over to our Competition Page (you will need to be logged into Facebook to access it)
    • Name more than 12 pieces that these fabrics feature in.
    • Entries close midnight Monday 6th October 2014.

One entry per person.

Hint: Pinterest

Sneaker Freakers

Oishi-m Nike Adidas Torquay Store

We have a thing for sneakers… could you tell? Here are some facts about some of our beloved sneaker brands that many probably didn’t know…

The history of Nike is fascinating. Bill Bowerman and Phil Knights founded Nike. But before going into Nike, they started in 1964 distributing and importing another footwear brand into the US. That brand was none other than Onitsuka Tiger another brand that now days is owned by Asics and is one of our favourite shoes to sell in our store. Bowerman and Knights over time started to develop their own products and brand in Nike, with one of their earliest shoes being moulded by Bowerman moulding rubber using his wife’s waffle iron to create a sole that balanced traction with lightness.

Adidas was founded by Adolf Dassler in 1949. His brother Rudolf had started Puma a few years earlier. Their competition was bitter and fierce, leading to Herzogenaurach their home town becoming divided on the issue with alliances being shown by which sneaker you wore.

Vans was founded in 1966 as the Van Doren Rubber company launching with the #44 style which later became known as the “Authentics”. A cult Vans sneaker style that we carry at Oishi-m today and was and still is a key fashion item in skater culture.

Check out our Kids Sneaker Collection which we feel is the best collection for kids kicks here.

Kids Nike, Onistuka Tiger, Adidas, Vans Shoes and Sneakers for Children

New Deliveries

Doo Doo Pickle Breather
Summer is not far around the corner and we’re madly clearing space to receive our deliveries. There’s new footwear styles, heap of new bits and bobs for our shop and some splattering of our new Summer release coming in. Here’s a snap of Doo Doo Pickle having a little breather. He’s not proving to be the best healthy eating role model :( He’s food choices reflecting his mondayitis unpacking boxes and whether they’re the colour red rather than their nutritional value… hmmm we might have to work on that.

Spring was a resounding success with many of our styles being snapped up within moments and our Retailers being inundated with enquiries about them. There’s still handfuls of styles and sizes available but get in quick as they probably won’t be around long.

Summer will again be tight with our quantities keeping this collection as special as ever. For anyone wanting to snap up some specials on some of our older stock to clear out our shelves and help fund our current deliveries there’s a sale over here. As always it’s for a limited time only.

To be in the know when our Summer release drops be sure to subscribe to our mailing list.

Doo Doo Pickle At Work

Doo Doo Pickle at Work

This is Doo Doo Pickle, amongst other things he’s the Department Head of Writing Love Notes, Assistant Lacky for Customer Support, 3rd in line to our Typesetting, Copywriter and Social Media Guru, VP of Present Wrapping and Tea Making, he always wanted to be a Vice President of something!

You can see in the image above, our wrapping area also has a wall of love notes that we’ve received from customers and organisations we have supported. If ever we’re having a moment it’s nice to be surrounded by warm fuzzies.

Here’s a few pics of him ‘working’…

Doo Doo Pickle at Work

Behind the counter, answering calls, though he keeps getting mixed up whether it’s the right time to say ‘Good Morning’, ‘Good Afternoon’ or ‘Moshi Moshi’ as the Japanese say when answering the phones.

Doo Doo Pickle Working

or possibly just playing hide and seek whilst riding unicorns…

Doo Doo Pickle Riding Unicorns

Spring Favourites?

Spring Favourites

Now that we’ve settled in and gotten to know our Spring garments. What’s your favourite product of the season? Is it different to what you first fell in love with? Have you found any new favourites once you saw it in real life?

Our favourites flitter between; Sweet Pea Skirt, Juxtapose Legging, Massive Pocket T Shirt, and the Kite Runner short. What’s your favourite? Check out our collection here.

A special Thanks for reaching 10,000 likers

10% off for 10 hours

As a way to say thanks for reaching such a milestone, we have launched a little promo to celebrate! Thanks to everyone who has liked our Facebook Page! Hurry though it won’t last long and it’s even 10% off sale items too get shopping now on or come and visit our Torquay Store.

We’re so close…

Oishi-m FacebookHelp us get there…

Like or share to unlock a little surprise once we hit our milestone. Check out Oishi-m on Facebook.


Sale Alert: Some Wintery Items Reduced…

Oishi-m Sale

Sale Alert! The warmer weather is getting more consistent and we’re needing to clean up our shelves in prep for some new and fresh things around the corner. There’s reduced; Bergstein Gumboots, Patagonia Jackets and Emu Ugg Boots, as well as some select sneakers from Adidas, Nike, Natives and Onitsuka Tiger which are available online and instore. Select Seedling and beanies are also reduced in store! Get in quick as there’s only a handful of some of these left.

Shop the Sale here.

Oishi-m in Singapore

Oishi-m in Singapore

We’re just wanted to share this amazing pic from our delightful Singapore Retailer The Little Wardrobe. Her son Gregory is busting out our Enigmatic Harem Jean and looking so rad at the Singapore Sports Hub!

Check out our full list of Oishi-m Stockists here.

The Early Years of Oishi-m – Part 2

Fi and Miyo at Shop

Last blog post we heard about the beginnings, this time we move into the world of Oishi-m evolving from a one woman show into becoming a small business. Juggling young kids and running a business is no easy feat, as you can imagine! It’s hard enough to get your head around finishing a cup of tea, let alone working on growth strategies and developing systems.

During this time, Miyo came onboard to focus on the business side of things to enable Fi to create, design and focus on the product. In these years Fi and Miyo met at each other’s houses on weekly basis juggling new babies, nappies and occasional tantrums in-between talking strategy about business. We started to flesh out our business model, our product strategy, revamped our website and branding, began photoshoots, started our blog and started hitting the pavement to get retailers on board.

Tantrums at Home

Before long it was time to leave our dining room tables and move into our first office in Jan Juc. Sharing with none other than the amazing Bellroy Wallet brand. Starting a business is a steep learning curve, there are mistakes, and there were plenty of challenges along the way,  trying to get our heads around the many facets of business – but interesting and rewarding one none the less. All the better doing it with the amazing people around us. There’s nothing like being at the playground and having a stranger see your kids in Oishi-m and they tell you how amazing Oishi-m is and how much they love it, thinking that we’re another customer with the same tastes and brand devotion. It’s crazy to look back on those years which really weren’t that long ago.

Miyo at work

We’re so fortunate to be living in Torquay, with it’s amazing beaches, laid back lifestyle but also the home of the Surf Industry and subsequently many skilled and talented people with amazing experience in apparel/product based businesses. Our next jump happened rather quickly from moving into Jan Juc, bringing into our team some exceptional staff, moving into our own shop/office, then taking over the shop next door so we could extend our beautiful store and have a bigger office.

Oishi-m Shop renovation

Over the last year we’ve really recognised the beauty in our limited edition roots and have loved seeing our customer base grow. We love being able to produce garments locally and we also love the interactions that we can get when we’re small enough to be a part of each touch point with a customer.

The shop has definitely been an amazing line into having first hand experience getting to know our customers and getting into the shoes that our retailers walk in each day. There’s nothing like hearing someone who is about to become a  grandparent entering the store and excitedly declaring ‘we’re pregnant!’.  These days we have an amazing team of largely working Parents who between us we have 25+ kids, with many preggie bellies working with us too. Our own kids are in our photoshoots, which adds to the craziness of them.

Who knows how the next period of the Oishi-m journey will go, at least in the meantime our succession plan seems to be solid with children (even if they some of them are unable to read or write, but at least they can scan at the register) who aspire to work in Mum’s shop.

Oishi-m Kids

The Early Years of Oishi-m – Part 1

Oishi-m History

We’ve come a long way, but thought it would be a nice walk down memory lane to see how it all began.

Our Founder Fiona started Oishi-m whilst on maternity leave from the Surf Industry. She always loved Fabric (you should see her stash!), embellishing denim and creating custom pieces for friends. Having also been commissioned to make a wedding dress amongst other creations.

When she had her little chubba bubba bundle of joy she started to experiment with children’s clothing. Not being a traditional pinks or baby blue’s kinda gal, and having a love for denim she played with different garment fits and styling, rethinking what really matters for the comfort of new babies to create the first of many pieces in what eventually became Oishi-m. This image is of her earliest prototype of the skinny jean on her very own fit model Mila.

First jeans

Our skinny jeans which are renowned for their tummy toastie and soft beautiful fabrics that nestle in nice around a nappy bottom were Oishi-m’s first product. Soon enough, friends around her began to ask whether they could also get a pair of jeans for their little munchkins.

The name Oishi-m came about as Fi’s first bubba is a Mila. So meshing together ‘Oishi’ which is yummy in Japanese and ‘M’ for Mila or the mini one in your life. Here’s little Mila in the first Hoodie and Jeans prototypes.

Mila the Chubba Bubba

The first years were occupied juggling a baby, designing and sketching on the dining table, stocking a couple of local stores and doing a market whenever the opportunity presented. Then along came bubba number two, this time a bundle of joy of a boy. Her skinny mini Oxlan.

Having had children of both genders and sizes has meant Fi’s designs are so appealing. Spawning the beginnings of Oishi-m.

Fi and Ox

Oishi-m featured in the Vend Partners video…

Vend Partnership Video

A little sneaky interview we did with Vend, our Point of Sale supplier and SMB Consultants who are our most wonderful implementation partner for our software systems. Nothing like getting off the phone with IT support that drop a ‘Thanks Hun’ into the conversation.

Vend is one of the tools our amazing team use to make the magic of Oishi-m work. To read more about the beginnings of Oishi-m, have a read of our interview with Fiona our Founder.


Spring time in the Oishi-m Shop…


Our Shop is getting some lovely new and fresh deliveries each day. Loads of goodness from some amazing brands.  Instore we have some very special limited edition Star Wars Vans  beautifully outfitted with our own Rucker Track Pant and Elasto Pocket T Shirt shown on the table display below.

Vans Star Wars with Oishi-m Rucker Track Pants

La De Dah Kids Crochet Toys

We have the Geelong based La De Dah Kids Crochet Toys filling our store with dinosaurs, crocodiles, mooses, dolls and even cockatoos!

Oishi-m Torquay Retail Store

Grimms Rainbows of fun and playful wooden Bajo Toys, plates that keep meal times exciting from Made 590.

Oishi-m Shop Social Media

And that’s only a taste of what’s in store. If you’re coming through Torquay be sure to drop in to say hi!

Oishi-m Photoshoot Locations – Fun Places to Visit

Oishi-m Autumn 14 Jan Juc Play Ground

After many a years working with our mini ones to bring you imagery for our Oishi-m collections each season, we have played at many beautiful and fun locations. We thought it would be nice to show you where we have played and frolicked along the way…

We had loads of fun at the Jan Juc Play & Skate Park at Bob Petit Reserve from Autumn 14 (above) and the Anglesea Shark Park on the Anglesea River for Summer 13 (below).

Oishi-m Shark Park Summer 13

We’ve ventured to Cosy Corner Beach, Torquay for Spring 13 (below) which produced heaps of great images of playing in the sun and beach.

Oishi-m Photoshoot Location Cosy Corner Torquay

As did our Winter 13 Shoot (which was actually 32 degrees!, so the poor little ones were boiling in our cooler weather clothing) at the Geelong Waterfront Play Park & Skate Park (below)

Geelong Water Front Oishi-m Photoshoot Location

Torquay Surf Beach (below) The beach was probably an Agghhh photo shoot, when our little monkeys decided to enter the surf in their photoshoot samples – but this was only the beginning of the relationship between the ocean and the “Talent” in Oishi-m samples……

Oishi-m Photoshoot Location Torquay Surf Beach

Then came href=”,144.4889905,14z/data=!4m5!1m2!2m1!1sbarwon+heads+park!3m1!1s0x0:0xf0456760531d060″>Barwon Heads River Play Ground where the relationship developed further between the Barwon Heads River and the Oishi-m Spring 14 collection. This shoot location had both the ying of the beautiful playground and the yang of the river. Fortunately for us the river was the later part of the shoot!


There are so many awesome parks and locations around us and we thought you would love to know where these special places are too. So enjoy and we hope visits to any or all of these playgrounds and beaches will bring stacks of smiles and giggles to you and your minis. X

Anyone coming down the coast for a visit, click here to find a cool play park or to see our photoshoot locations getting their work outs check out our videos.




Spotted! Offspring Season 5, Episode 13 – The Grand Finale!

Offspring Episode 13 Oishi-m Racy Macy T shirt

Season 5 has finished and what a beautiful ending it was. While the anniversary of Patrick’s passing arrived, Nina and Leo finally hook up – excellent! Billie and Mick back together, Darcy and Geraldine back together too…. for now? Clegg and Cherie – Gorgeous Zara to on her way to fulfilling her dream as a doctor and baby Zoe Proudman-Reid turns ONE in none other than our beautiful Oishi-m Racy Macy Shortsleeve T shirt.

Favourite line; “I’m not a full-time fairy”, We love Ange!

What a season! Wrapping up nicely. The entire extended Proudman clan are all happy and we couldn’t have picked a better ending to a series.

Offspring Season 5 Proudman Family

Offspring Wardrobe Competition Winner!!!

Offspring Wardrobe Winner

Congratulations Kate Liu your entry won the coveted Zoe Proudman-Reid Offspring Wardrobe Prize pack! Here’s her winning entry telling us which Oish-m piece is the most Nina-sh and why;

S tylish
T ough
E clectic
L oopy
A ustralian made
C ontemporary
R adiant
E nergetic
W acky
J ovial
U nique
M any sided
P atterned
E ffortless
R omantic

Thanks again to everyone who entered.

Doo Doo Pickle’s Weekend at Kids in Style

Denim Baby Johanna and Emma with Doo Doo Pickle

Doo Doo Pickle and our team had a huge weekend at Kids in Style last weekend, meeting and greeting with some of our lovely retailers and industry folk. In the image above he is doing the hard sell to Emma and Johanna from Denim Baby. Here’s what else he got up to…

Bokkie Kids KIS

One of our newest retailers, Rob and Anne from Bokkie Kids in Kenmore, Brisbane.

Kids Style File Angela and Cathy with Doo Doo Pickle

Cuddles from Cathy and Angela from Kids Style File.

Doo Doo with WDYGT

Giggles with Melony from Where Did you Get That? and our Creative Director and Founder Fiona.

Doo Doo Pickle with Paperartzi Boutique

The lovely Stacey and Mel from Paperartzi Boutique in Echuca.

Doo Doo Pickle Cocktails

Sipping cocktails (responsibly) and enjoying dinner at Panama Dining Room followed by…

Doo Doo Pickle MessinaDoo Doo Pickle at Messina in Smith St, getting lost in a world of Gelato; on Melbourne’s coldest night of the Winter!

What a massive weekend it was. Until next time…


A Close-Up of Spring 14

Oishi-m Spring 14 close up

Each season our collections keep getting called “The Best Oishi-m Collection Yet!“. This time we’re thinking it just might be. Here’s a little bit of insight into what went into the Spring collection…

Pops of colour, thoughts of rainbows, lollypops, yellow polka dots, sunshine, giggling and tonnes of fun all come to mind when you see this range range! What can be said – amazing!! There’s never enough colour or combinations when it comes to designing our Oishi-m collections. It’s built for mixing and matching.

Summer House Lookbook

Spring is the beginning of the warmer season’s clothing creeping into stores and our wardrobes so we start with Oishi-m Shorts, Shortsleeve T Shirts and Skirts as our key pieces. Many of these items feature some of our own designed yardages (repeat patterns). We match these back with some key fabrics that we love! Then our staples of  Oishi-m Jeans, Crews, Shrugs, Hoodies, are designed around these more seasonal pieces. A few key pieces then roll out into becoming clearer outfit themes, much like what is presented in our Lookbook.

When it comes to naming our garments, those of you that love your reading, may have noticed The Kite Runner Short, and some wizardry reference with the Ginny Pocket T Shirt, Parry Hotter Shortsleeve T Shirt and then there’s a few names that have been named after people we know… (Tony, Bree or our little Hunnybun) which always brings big joy to those fortunate to get a name sake piece!

Oishi-m Rock Scissors Track Pant for toddler children boys

Once we have our names done our samples start to flitter one by one into the office. These go through a plethora of testing prior to our photoshoot taking place. Although Spring released in late July, our photoshoot happened back in the depths of the Victorian Winter in June. From there, it’s action stations making sure we have images, descriptions and all sorts ready to release to our retailers and finally to our customers.

Hope you like our Spring 14 collection. Check it out here.

Oishi-m Photoshoot


Spotted! Offspring Season 5 Episode 11

Wow – what an amazing storyline last week! Poor Nina, can she not get a break? and Thomas!! What? Good outcome with Billie and Mick though!

Little Zoe trying to escape from her pram styling the Holiday Pop Shortsleeve T Shirt at the cafe whilst Aunty Billie and her mumma have a intense ‘man’ talk. Oh we’re so unresolved for this week. Hope Nina’s woes get better.

Behind the Scenes: Spring 14 photo shoot…



This season’s photo shoot was just as full on as every other one we have had! All the beautiful images we present to you includes a heap of shenanigans behind the scenes.

oishi-m-kids-toddler-lifestyle-31-w670Oishi-m Spring 14 Behind the Scenes

Spring 14 saw 23 kids, 1 videographer, 2 photographers, heaps of iPhone’s, 3000+ images, 3 ikea bags full of samples, a playground, a beach on low tide, lots of sand, many parents and lots of giggling and of course crying! All this in 1 hour 40 minutes. Exhausted.

Oishi-m Spring 14 behind the scenes


oishi-m-kids-toddler-cha-cha-boom-dress-big-tante-dress-big-lifestyle-01-w670oishi-m-kids-toddler-behind-the-scenes-lifestyle-01-w670 oishi-m-kids-toddler-behind-the-scenes-lifestyle-15-w670

The Wardrobe of Offspring’s Zoe Proudman-Reid Could Be Yours!


We have an exciting competition for the Offspring lovers! When we sent the wardrobe suggestions out for Offspring, we put aside one each of these coveted items for one lucky winner. These are all the wonderful goodies available in the Oishi-m Offspring prize pack;

Suzy Q Skirt, Thats Hot Skirt, Juicy Lucy Skirt, Nerissa Skirt, Rosen Skirt, Fairy Bread Shortsleeve T Shirt, Marese Shortsleeve T ShirtRacy Macy Shortsleeve T Shirt, Grasshopper Shortsleeve T Shirt, Holiday Pop Shortsleeve T Shirt, Millions of Peaches Short, Swanny Dress, Every Dress, Franny Schmanny Hoodie, Living Lovely Skinny Jean, Like Janis Chubba Jean, More to Life Track Pant, Mary Merc Chubba Jean & Adieu Jacket.

Please note the Oishi-m Offspring Prize Pack ONLY contains the sizing of bottoms 6-15mths & tops 6-9mths (and this pack is not transferrable as we’ve sold out of many of the other sizes): as these are the sizes baby Zoe wore. Also please note that the Adieu is a sample and it has a cut tag to indicate that it is Oishi-m Sample Product.

To enter, tell us in 25 words or less in our blog comments below which Oishi-m piece over the years is the most Nina-ish and why?

To look at our styles over the years view back catalogue from our pinterest page. Good luck! Entries close Wednesday 6th of August at 2014.

Make sure you keep in the Oishi-m loop by signing up to our Mailing List and don’t forget our back catalogs on Pinterest too!

Note: Entries are now CLOSED for this competition.

Oishi-m Spring 14 Just Released!

Oishi-m Spring 14 Spring into it.

Our newest Spring 14 release is so colourful, happy and exciting! It injects the thought of rainbows, sunshine, giggling, mini ones playing, marshmallows and lollypops into your mind when you look at all the garments – what do you think of when you see Spring 14?

The Oishi-m designer was inspired by bright & fabulous, seaside breezes, sweet smelling freesias, the frivolity and potential of lush green gorgeousness and warmth of summer.

This season we have few ultra exclusive products only available through Oishi-m, they are the Hunnybun Shortsleeve T Shirt, Tante Dress, and the Rucker Track Pant.

Also some new features of our garments this season include back pockets for all little jeans. Cute hey!?

Oishi-m Jeans with pockets

Also an updated slimmer fit of our dress. Still enabling it to become a swingtop once grown out of, but extra cute in the meantime. See our Cha Cha Boom Dress - Big below.

Oishi-m Cha Cha Dress - Big

Our Track Pants this season also feature some super spiffy knee pads, to give these little puppies that extra long wearablity. See our munchkin below getting down the slide in the super cute Loola Track Pants.

Oishi-m toddler kids Loola Track Pants

As for the rest of the collection, good luck getting your outfits, this release is more limited than our last couple so hoping you get your hands on what you want. Here’s a sneaky image image below of the mischief they got up to during our shoot.

Oishi-m Knuffle Shortsleeve T shirt Kids Childrens


Oishi-m Chill Off Shortsleeve T shirt and Kite Runner Short kids clothing

There are so many exciting garments in this range that it is just too hard to pick a favourite – each time one is chosen, another takes its place!! Spring 14 is available at and don’t forget each of our product pages also lists which of our lovely stockists might also have the item in stock too.

Oishi-m Goddess Skinny Jean - Big and Polly Shortsleeve Pocket T shirt


Oishi-m Pixie Mu Skirt, Kids, Girls Clothing


Spring 14 Sneak Peek Video…

Our Spring 14 Release is just an hour away! Here’s our Spring 14 video for you to sneaky peruse before it’s available from 10am this morning.

Spring 14 will be available from our lovely Stockists, at and in our Torquay Store.

Hopeful for another season of Offspring…

Offspring Season 6?

Just recently the Herald Sun ran a story trying to convince the ones that need convincing  at Channel Ten, that everyone wants Nina & Zoe Proudman back for another season. It’s a sure fire bet that everyone last one of us at Oishi-m want a Season 6 too!! What are your thoughts? Comment below, we would love to hear what you think too.

Image : Little Miss Zoe Proudman wearing the Every Dress with her mama Nina

Doo Doo Pickle Makes New Friends


Doo Doo Pickle just loves meeting people and making new friends, quite the social butterfly that one!

Whether it be at any of our events, in our retail shop or the local coffee shop.

Click here to see his new friends and also add any photos you have of yourself, friends or family with Doo Doo Pickle too!



Spotted! Oishi-m on Offspring! Season 5 Episode 10

Offspring S05E11

Busted!! Darcy & Zoe bust Nina and Thomas about to get steamy in the kitchen!! Gee Darcy dealt with it well but seriously how embarrassing!!

Zoe did look super stylish throughout this ordeal though in her Oishi-m Nerissa Skirt and Racy Macy Shortsleeve TShirt.

(Photo credit – FB Everything Offspring)

Spring 14 just around the corner…

Oishi-m Spring 14 Release Teaser

Look out, Spring 14 release is only around the corner. This highly anticipated release will see our garments become more limited than our more recent releases with some super exclusive styles that are so limited that we have we’ve placed restrictions on how many our stockists and own retail store can order to spread the love as far as it can stretch.

Get your bank balances in order and kids occupied for Thursday morning at 10am (did someone say Banana’s in Pyjama’s is on ABC 2…). Until then, be the first to hear about it by subscribing to our mailing list or liking us on Facebook.

Oishi-m Product Features



We all love Oishi-m, but don’t you think the features of what its garments boast make it all the more special and maybe more unique than other brands out there?

All Oishi-m bottoms (small) are designed to fit around both cloth & disposable nappies and we haven’t forgotten that babies come in all shapes and sizes so of course so do their nappies. Dealing with a whopping big nappy needs a different approach than shrinking big peoples clothes. We think little too shies look super cute in Oishi-m.


It has become apparent that Oishi-m seems to grow with our little people. The evidence was clear when nanny put little miss 5 in little miss 3′s Oishi-m and no-one was the wiser! Funny! Click here to see it in motion.

The Tummy Toastie is a soft waistband that prevents the muffin top in Chubba Bubbas but also adapts to the Skinny Mini too helping keep their strides up!



Our Limited Edition garments mean that there is only a handful of your gorgeous little piece of Oishi-m in the World. Makes it kinda’ special doesn’t it!

Small people have disproprorite large heads which makes putting on T-Shirts somewhat a problem. Thats where our Envelope Neck comes in as the perfect problem solver! Our Envelope Neck expands to open wider when putting on then retracts back to a super cool neckline.


Oishi-m is proudly designed in Torquay with the majority of our range made in Melbourne. A portion of our collection is also developed and crafted internationally allowing us to continually strive for innovation in children’s garment design.

Small people are sensitive and sometimes have trouble communicating when something  isn’t feeling comfy. This is why we construct our tops in beautiful soft fabrics. Our Jeans are hard wearing denim to keep up with the ‘play’ demands of the mini ones in our life.

Click here to see the rest of our Product Features page on our website.


Spotted! Oishi-m on Offspring! Season 5 Episode 9

Every Dress Oishi-m Zoe Proudman-Reid Fashion

This week on Offspring, our Every Dress (sorry it’s sold out, but more dresses here) was featured on little Zoe this week. Poor Nina, it was a tough day for her in Episode 9.

On a brighter note, the lovely costume designers from Offspring Michael Chisholm and Zed Dragojlovich were recently interviewed on Styling You Blog and here’s what they had to say about Zoe’s wardrobe…

Baby Zoe has been seen in an extensive collection of its designs throughout this season. “The label is perfect for a mini Nina with an eclectic match of prints and patterns,” the costume designers said.

Thanks heaps for the mention guys, to read the full interview click here.

2014 Samples and Seconds Sale

Oishi-m Samples and Seconds

It has been a crazy start to our Samples and Seconds Sale. Little Bellbrae Hall was bursting with people on Friday morning with queues to get in snaking around the building. Thanks to everyone who made the trip, especially our interstate trippers! It was so great to meet so many of our customers from near and far.

As always there’s more we can do to improve it that notch more. Those who waded through the boxes and patiently waited in queues as our EFTPOS machines struggled – we thank you!

Thanks again for visiting, it will be on again today (Saturday the 5th of July) at Bellbrae Hall, 90 School Road Bellbrae from 10-4pm.

Get in quick though, who knows when the next one might be, it will surely take us all year (at least) to hoard enough samples and seconds to keep satisfy everyone’s hunger.

Starts Today!! Our Famous Crazy Samples & Seconds Sale


Today is the day everyone! How excited are you all? Just wanted to remind you that there are a few changes this year being the venue (Bellbrae Hall), limit of 15 items per customer (as always, for personal use only),  First in Best Dressed (that’s as always too!),  Coffee Cart will be there to satisfy your caffeine needs, a massive oval across the road with heaps of parking and a playground to keep the little entertained!

And yes, the Adieu Jacket will be there!

The Oishi-m Samples and Seconds sale will be on Friday 4th of July 10am to 5pm & Saturday 5th July 10am-4pm at Bellbrae Hall. Don’ miss it!!

Refer to our previous blog post on the Samples and Seconds Sale for more details.

Spotted! Oishi-m on Offspring Season 5 Episode 8

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 11.58.50 AM

So who watched Offspring last night and saw baby Zoe wearing Oishi-m and Nina go on a date (of sorts!).

Wasn’t Zoe just the perfect little style bandit in her Franny Schmanny Hoodie not so happy in her pram, looking super cute styling the Fairy Bread T-Shirt and  Clegg playing teacher to Zoe whilst in her Fairy bread T Shirt & Millions of Peaches Shorts.

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 7.24.53 AM(Photo credit: Offspring on Ten Facebook Page: Top Image’ Happy Baby’ – thank you)

Tips for Those Coming to Torquay

Torquay Tips with Kids

For those making the trek down the highway or across the country, we’re so excited to have you in Torquay. We thought it might be nice to give you some recommendations of fun things to do whilst you’re here especially if you have kidlets…

Best Coffee: Pond. We will also have a coffee available at Bellbrae Hall.

Best Chai: Torquay Larder

Cafe with Playground: Moby

Beach: Head on down to Torquay Surf Beach to get some of our Winter 14 photoshoot vibe.

Playground: If playgrounds are more your thing Bob Petite Reserve, Jan Juc is our Autumn 14 photoshoot spot, beautiful timber play equipment with natural vegetation all around.

You can’t leave Torquay Without: Having seen some surfing or visiting Oishi-m Torquay!

Oishi-m Torquay Retail Store

Oishi-m the World Traveller

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 11.34.18 AM

Oishi-m is incredibly practical to travel in. Denim is great as it doesn’t show up dirt, as well as the comfort and “layerabilty”. Oishi-m  garments has travelled to some pretty amazing locations. Our image above is one of our favourites images from Japan. Below has our looking Blooming Lovely T Shirt Wearer with Cinderella at Disneyland.

Has your munchkin worn some Oishi-m on your travels?

We would love to see your  photos. We’d love it it you could share them by uploading them on our Facebook Page or Instagram using #oishimtraveller.

Oishi-m At Disneyland


Spotted! Offspring Season 5 Episode 7

Oishi-m Offspring Zoe Proudman Baby Clothing Millions of Peaches ShortThis week’s emotional episode of Offspring featured two of our favourite pieces, the Millions of Peaches Short (above and below) and the Fairybread Shortsleeve T Shirt (last image below).  Our hearts are with little Alfie :(

To view all our featured Offspring Styles visit our Offspring Page.

Oishi-m Offspring Millions Of Peaches Short Zoe Proudman Baby Clothing

Oishi-m Fairybread Shortsleeve T shirt Zoe Proudman Baby Clothing

Share the Love Online and Torquay Sale

Oishi-m Share the Love Sale
We’ve had a massive year this year and thought it was time to Share the goodness of our achievements by thanking our customers with a Share the Love Sale. 

As of today we will have up to 40% off all Oishi-m storewide. For one time only at and at Oishi-m Torquay.  Please note 20% off Winter 14 for a limited time and up to 40% off older styles. Only while stocks last.

Note: For those who are from interstate and can’t make our Samples and Seconds Sale this is your opportunity to snap up some pieces as what’s left from this sale (if not already sold out) will be there at the same pricing.

Oishi-m’s Famously Crazy Samples and Seconds Sale on again…


Get out your Diaries, its here!! Oishi-m’s Famous Samples and Seconds Sale will be on – are you as excited as us?

Last year saw our little shop heaving with customers, with armfuls of super duper limited samples and seconds. The Nanna’s of Torquay who usually use our arcade as a short for the banking each day were a little overwhelmed by the mass of crazy customers queuing up and snatching up bargains.

This year there will be a couple of little changes, we are holding our crazy sale at the Bellbrae Hall, 90 School Road, Bellbrae. The Bellbrae Hall is only 5 minutes from Torquay with plenty of parking, as well as an oval and playground near by to keep small people entertained AND a Coffee Cart will be to look after all your caffeine needs!!

There is a limit of 15 items per customer for personal use only and as always, first in best dressed! And yes, the Adieu Jacket will be there!

The Oishi-m Samples and Seconds sale will be on Friday 4th of July 10am to 5pm & Saturday 5th July 10am-4pm at Bellbrae Hall. Be there or be square!

Some of your Q’s Answered:

How will the items be sorted?
We will be sorting the Hall into two main sections, 1. Samples and Seconds and 2. Reduced Items. There will be different pricing for each of these sections. Samples and Seconds will have no tags and their tags cut and will be priced accordingly. Reduced Items on the other hand having different prices and are the same pricing and product as what we have available online. So if you see what you like available now, don’t hesitate as it’s possible that it might be sold out in the size that you’re after (or possibly completely sold out) by the time the Samples and Seconds Sale comes around. Each of these sections will be sorted by size so it’s easier to find what options are available to you faster. Please note “Change of Mind” doesn’t not apply to any sale items.

How many samples are available?
Sometimes there’s only one of an item and other times there’s one in each size. Samples are super unique items so demand for them is high. Based off historical Samples and Seconds Sales those that queued up early were most likely to snap them up. As for the Seconds product, you’ll just have to wait and see what’ available. The only confirmed styles so far is the Adieu Jacket.

Is there enough stock to feed the hungry hoards of customers?
We’ll be doing our best to share the love and attempting to restock as we go. As with anything Oishi-m, it’s likely that the demand is a little stronger than the supply. So best to get in early on each of the days.

Will there be a coffee truck?
We’ll do our best. Nothing confirmed yet (as at 22nd of June).

What happens if there’s bad weather forecast?
Bellbrae Hall is an indoor venue with plenty of parking nearby. So the sale won’t be affected, though those queued up might want to keep warm as it’s cold in Torquay at the moment and have an umbrella on hand just in case it’s damp. Wet weather might also affect the ability for play’s outside across at Bellbrae oval/playground with the smaller ones in your family.

Can I buy several of one style?
If it’s reasonable to think that you’re buying it for personal use then you’re welcome. Just note, 4 of the same style in one size doesn’t seem plausible that it’s for your own use…We ask that you also share the love where possible. There is a reason why the Samples and Seconds pricing is the way that it is, and therefore we request that items are not resold for a profit. We strongly believe that what goes around comes around. You never know who’s day you might make by sharing the love.

Is it pram friendly?
As with any busy sale, it’s probably going to be a tight squeeze in there. We’ll always be able to accommodate but the experience might not be as optimal for you if your attention is on your pram rather than bargains.Is the shop open during the Sale?Our Retail store in Torquay will also be open during this time and will include our most recent collection as well as a plethora of other brands that we stock. By moving the sale to Bellbrae Hall, this enables our Retail Store to be merchandised as optimally as we can, so it’s a lovely Oishi-m retail experience especially for the customers who have come so far to visit us.

Is there any way for interstate customers to get anything?
Unfortunately for our interstate customers the nature of a Samples and Seconds is that things are usually sold in a physical sale rather than online. What we do have available in reduced/sale items are all available through Which is much better placed to deal with order processing and shipment. We won’t be taking any phone orders (no phone at Bellbrae Hall anyway), layby’s or remote orders for Samples and Seconds items. If you wish to get something, you’ll have to get a friend to get it on your behalf on the day. Please don’t be offended if we decline your request for a remote order.

Is it cash only?
We’ll be accepting Cash, Debit Cards, Visa and Mastercard.

That will be it for the questions and answers about the sale… the rest you’ll have to wait to see how it goes when you get there. See you then!

Spotted! Offspring Season 5 Episode 6


Who saw Offspring last night? It was all happening wasn’t it! Both Nina & Billie have a little bit of ‘flirty thing’ going on, not to forget that cray-cray Annie Lennox dance work out Billie was doing !?!

So whilst this was all happening,  the gorgeous little Miss Zoe Proudman-Reid was looking cool calm and collected in her Duet Longsleeve T Shirt (bottom image), Franny Schmanny Hoodie (unfortunately Oishi-m is all sold out of this little beauty) and her More to Life Track Pants. There was even a little glimpse of the Holiday Pop Shortsleeve T Shirt in there too.


Want to dress your mini one just like baby Zoe? All  Oishi-m featured on Offspring can be viewed here. (Photo credit to ten – Thank you)

Duet Longsleeve T shirt on Offspring Zoe Proudman Baby Clothing

Little One Baby Magazine Editorial Love


How cool is this!  We are loving the front cover of Little One Baby Winter 2014 – Oishi-m!! What a cool cover, this little mini is styling the super cool Award Long Sleeve Pocket T Shirt and Off Stage Skinny Jean

Looking snuggly and toasty warm in her Rare Home Track Pant and lusciously cute in the Sing Wonderful Crew Jumper.


The Off Stage Skinny Jean has another little fan! How cool does this little dude look!!


Thank you Little One Baby Magazine for the Oishi-m Love! Click here to see what other Oishi-m beauties there are.






Q’s Answered: What’s it like to work at Oishi-m?


Of late we have been receiving lots of questions in regards to many different aspects of Oishi-m so we thought, how about a blog post to try and answer your queries and maybe even give a little more insight into the secret squirrel stuff that is behind Oishi-m.

What’s it like to work at Oishi-m?

So lets see, it so happens to be a mumma friendly work space. Not to say that all of our staff are exactly that, it seems to be the sort of people that are drawn to Oishi-m.

Our work experiences have spawned largely out of the Surf Industry. Our home town of Torquay is the birth place of some of the global leaders in the surf and large amounts of creative talent come from Torquay. So we’ve managed to snap some amazingly skilled and experienced people who are now in a life stage of juggling their passion for work and family.

On occasion we still go for a lunchie Surf, or fit in a bit of exercise. Or simply duck home to get the dinner ready. Our meetings have included chai breaks and walks in the wind along the beach front. Similarly to our retailers, many of us as working parents juggle working around childcare pick ups, kinder drop offs and sick munchkins.

Our Photoshoots are often mix of our own Munchkins who love the opportunity to play on “work time”.

Most of all Oishi-m is a place where we feel productive and know that we’re surrounded by amazing people that make other’s lives just that little bit sparklier.


Q’s Answered: What Inspires Oishi-m Names?


Have you ever noticed a theme in the names of our garments upon each release?

Each season comes with a creative burst of naming of products. Our Creative Director Fi is our Director of Naming Product, in amongst other likewise important tasks. Here’s a little insight into some of our naming…

Sometimes it’s what we’ve been watching:

Going back to May 2011, we had Gossip Girl related names, Nate Longsleeve T Shirt & Rufus Longsleeve T Shirt. Specktor Skinny Jean for those of us who like a bit of Suits.

We’re all hugely inspired by the music we’re loving at that time of designing:

John Butler, which inspired the Bon Jutler T Shirt. A little nod to the past with Millions of Peaches Short, Queen in the recent Autumn 14 season, with the Queen Track Pants, Mercury Chubba Pant and Scaramouche Shortsleeve T Shirt.

Other times it’s what we’re eating or about to get eaten on the desk that we’re working on:

Peking Duck Dress - in the beautiful image above, we love a bit of Peking Duck, Jacket Potato Jacket – a local eatery is frequently visited by many of us for a little spud action at lunchtime, Olive Oil Longsleeve T Shirt – who doesn’t love Olive Oil on everything, Sandwich Skinny Jean – need we say more.

What has been your Fave Oishi-m Name off all time?  From all our previous and current Oishi-m releases? We would love to hear from you, leave your comments below.


Spotted! Offspring Season 5 Episode 4

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 9.17.04 AM

This week saw the little Miss Zoe Proudman-Reid styling the super cool More to Life Track Pant.  Zoe looked super  chilled out in the track pant she’s wearing.

Oishi-m featured on Offspring can be viewed here.

(Photo credit to ten – thank you!)

Oishi-m Design Insights – Garment Fit Testing


As part of our constant evolution and innovation of our garments we regularly lock in a (crazy) day where we size test every style we have on munchkins in all the sizes we offer.

Small people swarmed the Oishi-m office, allowing us to gather loads of fabulous feedback from an abundance of parents with kids of all sizes. You can imagine our little office got a tad bit full-on and noisy full of octopi of arms and legs flying everywhere, bellies covered with tummy toastie bottoms, an abundance of outfit changes, measuring tapes and notepads flying about everywhere.

Each of our products was tested in every size from leggings, to our staple T’s and jeans. We had big bellies and tiny babies, the spectrum of skinny mini’s through to chubba bubba’s.

As a brand, our aim is to; accommodate Skinny Mini’s and Chubba Bubba’s, Ease of dressing and comfort.  We’re on the constant search for feedback and improvement.

So we’d love to find out your wish list for size fits… is there anything you’d like improved in our fits? If so, we’d love you to comment in the comments below.



Facebook Competition Winners!

Oishi-m  Facebook Competition WinnersJust so hard to award one prize when there were two entries with a massive number of votes so we decided why not share some Oishi-m love around and award two vouchers prizes to the value of $250 each!

Congratulations to the lucky winners Mary and Jacqui! We’ll be in contact to get your your prizes.

Thanks so much to everyone for entering our Facebook Vote and Win competition, we loved seeing all your little munchkins in Oishi-m!

Spotted – In Offspring Episode 3

Offspring Season 3 Zoe Proudman-Reid clothing

This week saw the little Miss Zoe Proudman-Reid busting out a little Franny Schmanny Hoodie (sorry all sold out) with Rosen Skirt. Apologies for the skakey image of Jimmy pulling a funny face.

There was even a sneak peak of next episode and a certain track pant she’s wearing…

Oishi-m featured on Offspring can be viewed here.

Oishi-m Franny Schmanny Hoodie on Offspring

Why Hello Flash Sale!!

Oishi-m May Flash Sale

There’s so much going on to celebrate at Oishi-m that we thought it might be nice to share the love and launch a celebratory 20% Flash Sale. Be quick though as it’s only for 48 hours at and Oishi-m Torquay. Ends 10am Thursday 29th of May. There’s even FREE Express shipping as an extra perk for order delivered in Aus! So Happy Tuesday (& Wednesday) to you all!

Please note: this flash sale excludes Oishi-m Winter 14, Branded Products & Already Reduced Sale Items.

Winners are Grinners!!

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 10.51.17 AMScreen Shot 2014-05-26 at 10.37.21 AMWe are so stoked that Oishi-m won GOLD for Favourite Children’s Label and BRONZE for Favourite Online Store for the My Child Magazine Excellence Awards 2014.

Thank you to all of our awesome customers who showed your love for Oishi-m and voted for us! You’re Ace.

Spotted – A Fairybreaded Zoe

Oishi-m Fairybread Shortsleeve T shirt on Zoe Proudman Nina's baby in Offspring

Another delightful evening seeing Oishi-m hit our television screens in Offspring. The second episode for season 5 saw baby Zoe Proudman-Reid appearing throughout the episode in the super cute Fairybread Shortsleeve T Shirt and the eagle eyed of us spotted the Every Dress (now sold out but have a look see at our other dresses for something similar) in the opening scenes and the Living Lovely Skinny Jean on her too in a car to pram transition. Little Zoe, baby of Nina Proudman is proving to be a little fashionista herself.

To see a summary of all featured styles head to our Offspring Page.

Everyone’s going nah-nah for Oishi-m on Offspring

HeraldSun-May-blog Sunday Herald Sun did a lovely story on the Twins who play Nina’s baby, Zoe in Offspring – looking super stylish in their Oishi-m outfits. Left to Right, Full of Beans Longsleeve T-Shirt with the Half a Minute Chubba Jean & Darling Crew Jumper with the Tallow Skirt. All available at Oishi-m online & in store. You can read this story online here.
SCT-May-blogThe Surfcoast Times also wrote a lovely story dedicated to Oishi-m being the wardrobe of choice for Nina & Patrick’s baby, Zoe, in Offspring Season 5. In this shot, baby Zoe Proudman-Reid is kicking back in her pram, completely content snuggly in her Oishi-m Franny Schmanny Hoodie.

This gorgeous item is also available at Oishi-m online & in store.


Oishi-m Winter 14 Pinterest Board


Follow us on Pinterest and see all our dedicated Oishi-m  Pinterest boards. Check out Winter 14′s board not to forget lots of other collections of goodies that we’re sure you’ll love too including our Offspring board.

For those of you that love a little Instagram, its ole because we love it too! Jump over to our Instagram page and tag #oishi_m

Oishi-m on Offspring!

offspring-logoUnbelievable really, not only does Nina’s partner Patrick Reid die (I know, so so devastating) But the questions we all can’t wait to find out the answers to, Billie and Mick have a break, will it be for good?, will Darcy and Geraldine get back together whilst spending so much time with Nina and baby Zoe? How successful will Nina Proudman and Billie Proudman’s co-parenting baby Zoe be?

One thing I can tell you for sure – Nina and Patrick’s little baby, Zoe Proudman-Reid, will be wearing OISHI-M!!!!


On the first episode of Offspring Season 5 we saw Nina’s baby Zoe wearing More to Life Track Pants, Racy Macy Shortsleeve T-Shirt, Fairybread Shortsleeve T-Shirt,  Stella Crew Jumper, Franny Schmanny Hoodie , Living Lovely Skinny Jean and Millions of Peaches Short. WOW!

Offspring-Zoe-Proudman-Franny-Schmanny-Hoodie-sleeping-670w Offspring-Zoe-Proudman-Franny-Schmanny-Hoodie-crying-670w Offspring-Zoe-Proudman-Grasshopper-Shortsleeve-T-shirt-car-670w


Growing with your munchkin…


Ok, so this little munchkin is actually 4 years old and you would not guess what size Stella Crew Jumper she is busting out … a 2-3yrs!

What sizes in which items have gone the size distance in your house? Come to think of it, We’re sure of our little product tester boy ”Big 5 year old boy”, was rocking out in an Oishi-m size 2-3 T-Shirt the other day! Its the gear that keeps on giving!!

Here’s our little video on how a 2-3 year size manages to be worn by a 13 month old to a “Big 4 year and 7 month old”.

Check out our range at webstore for all our current available range and size chart too!



Denim Testing for Safety

Oishi-m Denim

We’d love to reassure all our customers that Oishi-m jeans and denim is free of nasty Azo Dyes. The prevalence of Azo Dyes has recently hit the news with some other known brands and retailers having found these in their children’s jeans.

We’ve specifically tested our denim for this particular dye by none other than the CSIRO. More info on products that may be affected by Azo Dyes here.

Oishi-m takes great pride in our testing and choices we make in our products, dying and printing techniques. As you can see from the Meant To be Skinny Jean on the right above, we’d prefer to naturally distress some prints rather than use harsh chemicals or treatments to achieve the same look.

Free Shipping!


For a limited time only we’re offering, FREE Express Post shipping for all orders for Australian delivery.
Our international shipping is as follows;
- Free Shipping for orders over $90 for New Zealand, otherwise $4.95 flat rate shipping.
- Everywhere else worldwide free Fed Ex shipping globally for orders over $150 otherwise a flat rate of $15.
Order received before 1:30pm will be shipped same day. High fives to fast shipping!

Patagonia and Emu Uggs

to keep your mini’s warm this WinterOishi-m-kids-Patagonia-Puffer-Vest-lifestyle-05-670w

Windproof and toasty warm, the Patagonia Baby Down Vest is a staple winter wardrobe piece. New to Oishi-m this winter these little beauties are just awesome for the mini’s in you life – gives them that freedom to move their arms, for whatever the activity, whilst keeping their gorgeous little bodies warm as toast. We also have instore and online the super duper Patagonia Puffer Jacket.


Another new addition to the Oishi-m fold this winter is the warm and snuggly Emu Uggs. Made with the finest Australian suede and sheepskin, the EMU Australia Little Creatures Ugg is from the famous kids collection that has celebrity Mum’s going crazy! and some of them are even made up the road in Geelong.


Oishi-m Online Gift Vouchers

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 12.55.08 PM

Don’t know what to buy that requires a massive WOW from the receiver? Need gift for a special event?  We just know that an Oish-m Online Gift Voucher would hit the jackpot in any gift giving situation you find yourself in – Promise!

Your Gift Voucher will be emailed and have a code that is to be entered at checkout. Just too easy.

To purchase your Gift Voucher, simply head over to Oishi-m and the rest is easy peasy. Have fun!


Behind the scenes at the Vend Oishi-m Partnership video shoot


This week we had visiting in the shop, Vend. They’re one of the many business systems that enable us to run our store and manage all our inventory. Vend have over 10,000 retailers and they decided do their first partner video on Oishi-m and our implementation parter SMB Consultants. We are all pretty chuffed about being chosen to be profiled let alone the first one up!

Here’s some little sneaky peak photos from behind the scenes at the video shoot for when Vend profiled our business this week.


Oishi-m spotted on Offspring’s newest baby

Offspring Baby Proudman Nina's Baby Oishi-m ClothingWe’re also super duper excited about Oishi-m clothing being featured on the gorgeous Baby Proudman in the coming Season 5 of Offspring . There’s already been a glimpse of some dresses and skirts on the little bubba’s who is playing Nina’s Baby.

Be sure to tune into Offspring at 8:30pm on Wednesday the 14th of May on Channel Ten to spot a little Oishi-m love!

New Oishi-m Family Members

Oishi-m Kids Toddler Award Pocket Longsleeve T shirt with Enigmatic Harem Jean

We are all super psyched to introduce to you … the Longsleeve Pocket T Shirt and the Harem Jean.

This season, Winter 14, introduces two new styles to the Oishi-m family.  Both of these garments have been in the pipe works for quite sometime so you can only imagine how excited everyone at Oishi-m is to welcome these two new beauties and even more so to introduce them to you!

So here they are,  Enigmatic Harem Pant  new for Oishi-m’s Winter 14 Range. It has been a long time in the making. It is finally here and sure to become a new Oishi-m staple!  And Pocket Longsleeve T Shirt , a new shape for Oishi-m’s Winter 14 Range is a loose fitting style and features wavy hem detail.


Oishi-m Enigmatic Harem Jean


Oishi-m Award Longsleeve Pocket T Shirt and Enigmatic Harem Jean - Big

My Child Excellence Awards – Vote for Us

We are excited to be have been have been nominated for two categories in the recent My Child Excellence Awards; Favourite Children’s Fashion Label and Favourite Fashion Online Store.

Click here to vote it ends midnight May 1st. Thanks a heap!

Media Love for Oishi-m

babyberry-w670We have received so much media love for Oishi-m of late that we just wanted to share the joy with you! (above below

babyology-w670 kidindependent-w670above below

mumsgrapevine-w670 NewIdea-w670Rebecca Judd, with her gorgeous children, baby Billie and big brother Oscar who is wearing Oishi-m’s Haystack Short in New Idea April 2014

Win a $250 Oishi-m Voucher!

Oishi-m $250 VoucherWe have a $250 Oishi-m up Voucher up for grabs! Share a picture of your munchkin wearing their Winter 14 outfit having the best fun onto our Facebook Competition Page. The image with the most votes wins. The competition is open until Midnight Thursday 17th of May and voting closes midnight May 31st. Happy sharing and voting and Good luck! Enter Here.

A few tips:

  • Easiest way to enter is from your computer.
  • Make sure you’re logged into Facebook, then click on the competition page link.
  • Your privacy settings for your images may affect whether others can view and subsequently vote for your images.
  • Make sure your munchkins are wearing Winter 14 to be in the running!
  • Good luck!

Easter Free Shipping and Free Fancy French Socks at Oishi-m Torquay

Oishi-m Free DeliveryHappy Easter! We can’t get chocolate eggs to you all so we thought the next best thing would be to offer all you gorgeous Oishi-m customers free shipping on all your online orders over the Easter break. Yup, all Easter long, from now until Midnight Easter Monday. Perfect excuse to do a little Easter online shopping.

We also have a little promo for customers visiting our Oishi-m Torquay store this weekend. Spend $250 get a free pair of April Showers (Fancy French) Socks, until stock lasts. Happy Easter, stay safe and watch out for the chocolate!!

April Showers Socks Oishi-m

Looks Who’s Wearing Oishi-m……

NewIdea-w670Gorgeous master Oscar Judd is wearing the Haystack Short in this super lovely photo shoot with the ladies in his life, his brand new sister Billie and their mum Rebecca. How sweet!

Even better you can get your Haystack Short at Oishi-m online , and your munchkin can be a super cool style bandit like Oscar.


Oishi-m’s Easter Opening Hours

EasterDooDooYup! Doo Doo Pickle has got stuck into the chocolate already! Are you surprised? We weren’t!  With the crazy Easter holiday period upon us, we thought it would be a pretty good idea to let you know when the girls will be in the Retail Store and when they will be at home munching on their chocolate stash!

Oishi-m Retail Public Holiday Trading Hours:

Good Friday 11am – 3pm
Easter Saturday 9.30am – 4pm
Easter Sunday 11am – 3pm
Easter Monday 11am-3pm
ANZAC Day 11am – 3pm

Then as of Sunday 27th of April the Oishi-m shop will be closing our shop on Sundays, but don’t disppear, our online store is open 24/7 as always!

Hope the Easter Bunny comes to your house!!


What really transpired at the Oishi-m Winter 14 photoshoot!

Oishi-m-kids-toddler-lifestyle-60-w670-w670Seaweed monsters…..


Making car tracks in the sand ……


Trying really hard to walk in the sand whilst being covered in sand and wearing his Meant To Be Skinny Jean and Yourself Long Sleeve T-Shirt.

Oishi-m-kids-toddler-Do-Anything-You-Like-Jacket-06-w670-w670This little man, in his Do Anything You Like Jacket,  needed to wear his helmet for the entire photo shoot apparently – being prepared for anything maybe?

Oishi-m-kids-toddler-lifestyle-50-cropped-w670-w670 Why not head into the ocean with your Oishi-m for a bit of a wade? No reason not to apparently!! In this shot, these little monkeys are wearing the Do Anything Jacket , Award Long Sleeve T-Shirt , Yourself Long Sleeve T-Shirt and Wembley Legging


And this beautiful little poppet, in her gorgeous India Dress and sporting a black eye!! Damn high chair!


I can Fly!!!! Mr Proud Crew Jumper is learning to fly – not sure mum knew?!!


Thinking it was just so hilarious wearing the same Logan Place Crew Jumper! Giggles all round.

As you can see from this funny little insight to the going on’s at an Oishi-m Photo Shoot, we see dribble, stack hats – worn for the entire shoot! Wading in the water with their Oishi-m on – prior having been photographed! Unsanctioned toys brought along – dolls pram, ride on (in the sand?) and trucks.

Our photo shoots are real – no embellishments, no artificial lighting, no talent made up and no parental control over the talent! BUT this is what we believe puts the “Wow Factor” into all our images and what we think you love about us too! Kids being kids.


…. and to finish off the shoot, Oishi -m mum’s carrying everything back up off the beach, exhausted, tired and sandy.



Introducing Oishi-m’s Winter 14 Range


On your marks, get set, GO!!! This is the excitement behind our Winter 14 Range – the colors, the fit, the comfort, everything Oishi-m  is known for is done brighter this range! Awesome colors for gloomy winter days – and look how happy these Mini’s are!!

This winter we’ve also released a couple of new styles (we say with squeals of excitement!) the super comfy Harem Jean and cute Longsleeve Pocket T Shirts! They’re both part of our global collection and are available from 10am today for pre-order for delivery after Easter.

Oishi-m Award Pocket Longsleeve T shirt with Harem Jean - Big

Award Longsleeve Pocket T Shirt with the super new Enigmatic Harem Jean – Big


A couple of munchkins in the Full of Beans Longsleeve T Shirts…..


Flip Ant Pocket Longsleeve T Shirt with Toothy Grin Chubba Jean – Big


India Dress – Big over the beautiful Yoddy Yo Legging – Big matched back with Yellow Bergstein Gumboots.

Oishi-m-kids-toddler-Made-In-Heaven-Jacket-&-Yoddy-Yo-Legging-01-w670-w670The ever so beautiful Made in Heaven Jacket and Yoddy Yo Legging


Music Maker Longsleeve T Shirt with the Happy Boy Skinny Jeans


Exploring, jumping big boys in New Winter 14


Make me Smile Longsleeve T Shirt with Independently Track Pant


The mob about to get wet…

Oishi-m-kids-toddler-Award-Longsleeve-Pocket-T-Shirt-&-Zanzibar-Skinny-Jean-Big-05-w670-w670Stretching in the Award Pocket Longsleeve T Shirt

We have two ultra limited edition Oishi-m exclusives in this range, which are available in the Oishi-m Retail Store and also on our

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe first is the El-Nina Dress, gorgeous Blues and Reds. Totally Stunning!

The second are the Wembley Stadium Legging. Super cool, versatile – wear under dresses, skirts & shorts and and awesome unisex colorway!


Find out these amazing pieces online at 

Winter 14 is available now. But get in quick, before these pieces are sold out.

Winter 14 Video…

Winter 14 will be released at 10am this morning, this video was shot at our local beach in Torquay. Hope you like it!  Winter 14 will be available from our lovely Stockists, our and our Torquay Store.

Winter 14 coming soon…

Winter 14 Oishi-m coming s

Watch this space! Winter 14 is coming soon… Thursday 10th of April at 10am to be exact. Subscribe to our mailing list to be first in the know when it launches.

Oishi-m Ventures into Womenswear! Watch this space…

Oishi-m Does WomenswearWe have some super exciting news!!! Oishi-m is venturing into Womenswear. Childrenswear is so much fun but imagine what we can do with designs for Adults. There’s all sorts of crazy ideas in the pipeline. Here’s a little sneaky peaky of what to expect. Watch this space for more news…

More Oishi-m Love for our Fantabulous Customers…

DooDooPickleTattoo-670w… well maybe our gorgeous customer’s Chubba Bubba’s & Skinny Mini’s!  Fun Doo Doo Pickle Tattoos for all sales made through, Our Torquay store. As of Winter 14 release our Oishi-m stockists will be armed with a few too. Hope your munchkins love them as much as we do!!!

MORE Media Love for Us!

The gorgeous Papier Mache Magazine has put us in their latest print edition.

IMG_6861In their ‘News’ section they have featured our spunky, massively popular, super cool Mujilatte Crew. There is also an ace little insight story on Oishi-m too! Thanks for the love Papier Mache!


More Media Love for Oishi-m….. Papier Mache & My Child Magazines



Grasshopper Short Sleeve T Shirt – Papier Mache Magazine

Wow, we have certainly received some great media coverage of late in some super ace magazines that we want to share the joy with you!

IMG_6712 IMG_6717


Acceptance Longsleeve T Shirt – My Child Magazine


Right On Short Sleeve T Shirt - My Child Magazine

MyChildTheBestWebsitesAd-w670Play the Gig Chubba Jean – SOLD OUT  - My Child Magazine


 Tulip Dress – My Child Magazine

Last of the Warm Weather Sale!


Goodbye Summer Hello Autumn! Super end of warm weather sale this long weekend at our retail store in Torquay. There’s reduced Shorts, Saltwater Sandals, Walnut Shoes, and Hats. Shorts and Sandals will also be reduced for a limited time at

Opening hours this Labour Day weekend: Saturday 10-4, Sunday 11-3, Monday 11-3

Get in quick though, as stock won’t last.


Its not all giggles & rainbows at the Autumn 14 photoshoot


A big brother showing too much love to his little sister maybe? Whilst hugging his sister with gusto, he is wearing Rock You Chubba Jean and Acceptance Longsleeve T Shirt. Trying desperately to struggle out of her brothers arms whilst wearing In The Song Dress with Everybody Legging.


He has really cracked it! More interested in riding his trike than having more photos taken! This little mini is wearing the Barcelona Longsleeve T Shirt and Off Stage Skinny Jeans.

Behind the scenes of our photoshoots aren’t all giggles and rainbows…. its lots of crying and tanties! The ups and downs of all kidlets and parents alike.

These images are behind the scenes shots taken at our latest shoot for Autumn 14.



Nina’s baby is wearing OISHI-M!!!!

Offspring Nina Proudman Baby

Offspring Season 5 introduces Nina’s baby daughter and her Little Mini wears OISHI-M!!!!!

The Sneak Preview was shown on Channel Ten last and we’re stoked to see some Oishi-m featured as part of Nina Proudman Baby’s clothing wardrobe. We saw glimpses of the Racy Macy Shortsleeve T Shirt and Millions of Peaches Short on Nina’s baby in Offspring. Here’s a screen grab of Dr Clegg holding the little Proudman bundle. We can’t wait to see what else is to come as the season releases.

Here’s the link for the Offspring sneak peek here!


Media Love for Oishi-m






Wow, we can really feel the love! Papier Mache Magazine & the Melbourne Mama’s Blog – Most Wanted! This makes us so happy that we wanted to share it with you too.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 11.57.22 AM

Logistics of a Oishi-m Photoshoot


Have you ever wondered what it took to produce the images for each of our Oishi-m Range Releases? Well let us tell you,  Autumn 14 was no easy feat!

Autumn 14 took a photographer with many large lense cameras, a videographer who was willing to climb up and down play equipment following the lead the ‘talent’, 13 small people, stacks of Ikea bags full of garments and heaps of mum’s ALL at a play park location that the kids wanted to play on rather than have their photos taken!

SO MUCH JOY! But we do love them!!




A little Oishi-m & Doo Doo Pickle Love ….


Why hello our beautiful customers,  we have a special surprise for you all!

Your next online order will be delivered to you wrapped in even more Doo Doo Pickle and Oishi-m love!

Adieu Jacket Recall


Much to our disappointment we are recalling the very beautiful Adieu Jacket. We pride ourselves on our quality and customer feedback so it breaks our heart to have to recall a product that isn’t quite up to scratch that is loved by so many of our customers already.

In a nutshell, the foil (silvery dots on the internal lining) and dry clean wash instructions are not compatible. Apparently dry cleaning the Adieu Jacket mixed in with suits results in sparkly suits. And we’re are so unbelievably devastated. Though we stringently test each of our fabrics and samples on occasion things still slip through with production and how we deal with it will hopefully strengthen the relationships with our customers.

With this in mind, we’re recalling the products back. If you have purchased the product from Oishi-m directly or one of our retailers we’ll shorty be in contact with you. If you haven’t heard from us by Monday, give us a call!


Autumn 14… New Style Additions to the Oishi-m Family!


We are all excited to be able to introduce to you our two new additions to the Oishi-m Global Collection.  Autumn 14 sees us releasing two new products! We have added some Jacket & new Leggings.

The Everybody Leggings above have a cute little stretchy waist band and are reinforced at the knees with denim knee patches to make sure you get the most of your wear. A perfect match with skirts and dresses during the colder months.

The first of our cold weather releases, Jackets are new this season, they’re like our original hoodies but in turbo mode, with some extra space around the upper arms and with more insulation to keep munchkins warm.  With beautiful quilted externals and quirky lined insides the details on them are luscious. Some of them have splashes of wool and quilting making them Dry Clean Worthy so be sure to check our care instructions. These will be rocking out the door so be quick, as there’s only a handful of these newbies made.

The Jacket below is our Handsome Hutton Jacket. Autumn 14 will be available from midnight Thursday from select lovely stockists, and from 10am Thursday from our Torquay Store and



Sneaky Autumn 2014 Video

Oishi-m’s much anticipated Autumn 14 release will be available as of tomorrow (Thursday) from our lovely Stockists, and from 10am tomorrow from both Oishi-m and our Torquay Store.

We know everyone just loves our videos as much as us, so here’s Autumn 2014 – super cute! Enjoy!



Caring for your Oishi-m

Oishi-m Care instructions

We thought with a new range not too far off this might be a great time for a little reminder about care instructions for your Oishi-m including some secret care instructions from our Production Manager who takes her Oishi-m washing very very seriously!

As mamma’s ourselves we understand how much of a sherlacking our little ones put on their Oishi-m. Combined by the way our garments have incredible longevity in the way they adapt with growing munchkins, we like to make sure we can look after our Oishi-m for as long as we can. Here are some recommendations on the care for Oishi-m;

  • Always read the care instructions on the label as a product may have a more specific way of caring for it as each styles uses a unique combination of fabrics sourced from a plethora of places.
  • Be sure to wash your garments before wearing.
  • Always wash with like coloured garments.
  • Garments should not be soaked, if there’s a soiled section spot clean it with a mild detergent/soap instead.
  • Cold wash is preferred, this keeps; your colours brighter, reduces the likelihood of shrinkage, is more environmentally friendly and prevents any colour running. This is particularly the case with fabrications that have gold detailing (also known as foil), to keep it’s vibrancy.
  • The gentlest way to machine wash (if applicable) is a cold; gentle, delicate or hand-wash function in a front loader in a lingerie bag with a small amount of washing powder. The front loader uses gravity to tumble wash the garments rather than a top loader which has an agitator which can sometimes catch on your laundry.
  • To keep your brights bright an option is to wash with a table spoon of vinegar.
  • Line drying if possible out of direct sunlight.
  • Tumble-drying is a no no, it’s the heat – it’s no good.
  • Only iron as per the care instructions, these may differ from each garment
  • Never bleach
  • Do not dry clean unless specified (hint, hint… for Autumn 14 release)

Overtime our washing instructions have evolved from hand-washing to a gentle machine wash. This is in light of customer feedback, our improved quality processes in sourcing fabrics and practicality. Always read the care instructions on the label as each product may have a more specific way of caring for it as our unique fabrication used in each garment can differ from style to style.

We have a stringent quality testing process (there’s another blog post in just that), but sometimes things might slip through. We’re always happy for feedback on how we can keep improving. Shoot any through to

Hottest Oishi-m of 2013

Oishi-m, baby jeans, hottest Oishi-m boys

Boys: Top L-R  Play the Gig Chubba, BBQ Happiness Short, Right On Shortsleeve T Shirt, Chutchy Crew Jumper, Manners Skinny Jeans, Sam Longsleeve T Shirt, Malph Shortsleeve T Shirt, Freedom Longsleeve T Shirt, Hip Hop A Shrug, Yeew Hoodie and Muck Around Track Pants.

Ever wondered which Oishi-m pieces are our favourites of each season? The hottest of each range? The greatest images?  well here goes……. our rewind on an awesome 2013 with our Hottest picks.

But before we start we have a couple of notable mentions. 2013 saw us introduce the Crew Jumper which included the Stella Crew Jumper, the Chutchy Crew Jumper and the Mujilatte Crew Jumper. This year also saw us introduce the Oishi-m Dress, this gorgeous little numbers included the Tulip Dress, the Swanny Dress, the Every Dress and the Pearly B Dress. We are so glad we introduced these styles because you all loved them so much! Thankyou. So now, sit back and ENJOY!

best of 2013 girlsGirls Top L-R Swanny Dress, Nelly Shortsleeve T Shirt, Schmoopi Pie Chubba Jean, Flouncy Short, Fairybread Shortsleeve T Shirt, Eat Me Up Hoodie, Flossy Pie Longsleeve T Shirt, Lil Chick Track Pant, Annie Johnson Skirt and Stella Crew Jumper.

What do you think? Do you think you would have as much difficulty as us picking your hottest? Have we missed anything?

There is a back catalog of our items on our Pinterest boards and you can always find our current styles and what we have available at and stockists who might possibly still have them listed on there too.

There maybe a few of these hotties floating around but as far as the rest, good luck finding them on Google!

Just one of those days!


We all have them, days that aren’t happening as well as they could be… Our Chubba Bubba’s and Skinny Mini’s have them too, when their day of parks and cuddles and giggling is just all too much to bear. Here’s some sneaky behind the scenes shots from one of our Oishi-m photo shoots that sums it up perfectly!

As a pick me up, Doo Doo Pickle enjoys yoga whilst visualising Unicorns jumping through rainbows… What do you and your mini ones do to feel better?

Oishi-m_BehindTheScenes_lifestyle-07-w670 Oishi-m_BehindTheScenes_lifestyle-14-w670 Oishi-m_BehindTheScenes_Summer13_babies-w670


A New Year – Resolutions?

We have finished with 2013 and have gone head first into 2014.

At this is the time of year we all make New Years resolutions.  Have you made yours yet?

This year Doo Doo Pickle has made the resolution to travel more; maybe more sunshine, maybe the snow, exotic destinations? and embrace a healthy diet. Who would really know with that little munchkin, could end up eating pastries at the base of the Eiffel Tower or hiking to the top of Mount Everest!

Everyone here at Oishi-m HQ, in a nutshell, all have a resolution along the same line as each other and that is to have a healthy, prosperous year and to release some amazing new Oishi-m ranges! Opps… seems Doo Doo Pickle has already slipped!

What is your New Year’s resolution? Oishi-m‘s New Year’s resolution  is to have a wonderful year with awesome styles, fabulous fabrics and exceptional customer service!



Its Back….. Boxing Day Sale 2013

oishi-m_email_16.12.2013So Christmas is over, the food is gone (or in the fridge) wrapping is in the bin,  kids (big & little alike) are playing with their new toys, mama’s are exhausted BUT now its your turn… The Oishi-m Boxing Day Sale 2013 is on! Better yet, its an online sale so you don’t have to get out of your pjs or off the couch  - it all comes to you! So if you still feel you have shopping in you, see what we have on sale by checking out our website. There will only be limited items available in store. What items will you be lucky to score? Perfect way to spend your Christmas money.


Doo Doo Pickle Gets Arty for Christmas!!

xmascraftfrint-w670The little Oishi-m‘s in our lives are growing up way to quickly dont you think? Doo Doo Pickle has noticed around the Oishi-m studio the original Skinny Mini’s & Chubba Bubba’s have grown up and are not so mini anymore. So Doo Doo Pickle thought of an easy peasy art activity for Christmas, that you can do with your Oishi-m and have a heap of fun in process but mostly as a keepsake of this spunky age!! Our little Oishi-m art-man is wearing the Bobby Boy Shortsleeve T Shirt showing off his finished product!

Salt Dough Handprint Christmas Treasures

What you need:

4 cups of plain flour, 1 cup of salt, large mixing bowl, water to moisten, just a tad of oil, rolling pin, drinking straw & some ribbon.


1. In your mixing bowl, gradually blend your flour, salt and water.

2. Grease a tray and add baking paper. Roll out the dough and make a hole with your straw before you emboss the handprint.

3. Make your handprint in the dough, make sure the dough is thick enough.

4. Bake in 150 degree oven for 1 hour OR air dry for 24 hours

xmascraftMontage-w670Doo Doo Pickles assistant wears the Bobby Boy Shortsleeve T Shirt, Mumbo Shortsleeve T Shirt, Chutchy Crew Jumper and Steady Freddy Shorts.

nb. credit nestofposies-blog



Add your Instagram Pics to our Product Pages and Win!

Oishi-m Instagram hashtaggingWe’re so excited to be launching a new functionality which allows our Oishi-m bandits to post their instagrams onto our Product Pages on To contribute to our product page image, instagram hashtag the product name with no spaces. E.g. Holiday Pop Shortsleeve T Shirt becomes #holidaypopshortsleeveTshirt. To celebrate this new feature we’re giving away two $100 gift vouchers to instagramers who post their pics on our product pages. Make sure you tag the product name that you’re tagging and #Oishimtagging. Entries close Midnight 15th of December 2013. Get tagging :) .

Shop the Summer 13 Video…

Oishi-m Summer 13 shop the video

The Summer 13 video released with a bang just prior to our latest release and we thought now that we’ve had a chance to get to know the range, we can properly check review the cute little outfits from it…

Oishi-m River Racket and Ukulele Track Pant

 River Racket Shortsleeve T shirt and Ukulele Track Pant

Marese Shortsleeve T shirt and Juicy Lucy Skirt

 Marese Shortsleeve T shirt and Juicy Lucy Skirt

Grasshopper T shirt and Steady Freddy Short

Grasshopper Shortsleeve T shirt and Steady Freddy Short


Summer 13 is available from Oishi-m Stockists, Torquay Store and

New Product in store…… ADIDAS


One of the premium sports brands in the world, adidas has always had a strong focus on fashion both on the field and off it. Born in 1924, the iconic three stripes on their clothing represents on trend, fresh street fashion and sporting excellence – everything you need to turn heads for all the right reasons.

These running-inspired infants’ adidas shoes treat little ones to a fresh colour mix with pops of neon and an easy-to-spot reflective heel stabilizer. The shoes have a shiny satin upper with synthetic suede overlays and patent 3-Stripes. With two contrast hook-and-loop straps for adjustable fit, comfortable textile lining and grippy rubber outsole.

Best of all – we are stocking adidas at Oishi-m !!


Giddy Up! Its Cup Day!!


Tuesday is Melbourne Cup and whilst most will enjoy a day off we will be open! Oishi-m Retail Store will be open 10am – 2pm and our online store is open 24/7 as always.

Go number 7, thats Frankie the Horse (above)  Im sure Frankie’s got the best dressed jockey though!!

and MORE!!!

Just when you think things can’t get more exciting there is MORE editiorial love, this time from the stunning Little One Baby magazine.


(above) Oishi-m Right On T-Shirt


(above) Oishi-m ***** Long sleeve T-Shirt


(above) Oishi-m   Loveland Short Sleeve T Shirt & That’s Hot Skirt



Behind the Scenes…… Its not all giggles & sunshine!


These three wise little chubba bubbas & skinny mini’s have had enough whilst thinking “Are you serious – you want MORE photos!!” (L to R - Bobby Shortsleeve T Shirt, the crying one in the Holiday Pop Shortsleeve T Shirt & Suzy Q Skirt and looking gorgeous in the More to Life Trackpant & Stella Crew Jumper )

Behind the scenes of our photoshoots aren’t all giggle and sunshine…. its lots of crying and tanties and even the odd photo bomber! Whats that old saying, never work with animals or children? Well take a look at these images, all taken behind the scenes and at the latest shoot for Summer 13. Its quite amazing we got the shots we did when you see these ones! Ahhh but we all love them. Hard work shooting a summer range on a cold wintry day – I’d probably crack it too!


I WILL NOT smile again! in the Bobby Shortsleeve T Shirt and the shark rider wears the River Racket Shortsleeve T Shirt with Stix Shorts – Big

Oishi-m_BehindTheScenes_Summer13Photo bomb! Classic and of course super super cute! The Cruskit monster in the Malph Shortsleeve T Shirt and Muck Around Trackpants

So, there you have it, a sneaky peak into the world of an Oishi-m Shoot. Pretty amazing that we can produce so pretty cool shots after all hey!!


L to R : River Racket Shortsleeve T Shirt and Stix Shorts - BigBobby Shortsleeve T Shirt, Little Miss in the middle wears the Racy Macy Shortsleeve T Shirt & the Rosen Skirt  and the roll muncher wears the Chutchy Crew Jumper and Zirkle Short – Big

Jump on over to our and to check out the full Summer 13 collection.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into the fabulous world of fashion shoots (its not all smiles and giggles!)

More Editorial Love

More editorial love from the beautiful Papier Mache magazine! Its all very exciting when one of our items appears in print so you can just imagine our crazy jumps for joy when we spied not just a photo but a write up on our newest edition to the Oishi-m family, the Mujilatte Crew Jumper.

Appearing in the News Section of the stunning Papier Mache Magazine is  a wonderful little write up on a new favorite!  I hope you’ve already got your Crew Jumper? Check out our new range, Summer 13 at our online store and don’t forget our new Crew Jumpers, the Stella Crew Jumper and Chutchy Crew Jumper.

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Spring Editorial Loving…

MC30 As Seen In HRThe latest My Child Magazine has some nice little features of Oishi-m included in it… Here’s a few snippets from it.

We had the Right On T Shirt featured in the Fashion Shopping, Bali Break Short in the Fashion Compare and the Petal Pond Crew Jumper made the Fashion spread. Yey!

Right On T-shirt

Bali Break Short

Oishi-m Petal Pond Crew Jumper

A sneaky Summer 13 video

Summer 13 is available from 10am today from Oishi-m Stockists, Torquay Store and

Summer 13 just released!!!

Summer 13 Oishi-m

Summer 13 has to be our best range yet, we know, we say this for all our new ranges! But this one is special!

Do you know it took two trips overseas, over 100 different fabrics, lots of love and lots and lots of giggles, heaps of chocolate, maybe a little wine, add in some eclectic design flair and lots of opinions. This has been the recipe for what this range is all about, sunshine, fun and giggles.

This warmest weather collection includes our soft playful T’s with stripes, spots, sunny florals, tie-dye and geo prints features. Our super comfy and oh-so-cool crew jumper and gorgeous A-line style dress, which both debuted in our previous Spring collection feature again with quirky colour combinations and fabrications.

In the bottoms, our kimono panelled spliced skirt with inbuilt knickers is hard to go past, as too the little denim shorts perfect for nappy welding small people. As per each of our releases, our Chubba Jeans and Skinny Jeans feature our Tummy Toastie as do our trusty comfy Track Pants too.

As we’re sure you all know, we are renowned for our quirky styling and this limited edition collection is chocked full of colour and doesn’t fail to impress.

Summer 13 will be available from our lovely Oishi-m stockists, and our Torquay Store from 10am, Monday 21st October 2013. Be there or be square!

A little bit of Celebrity Loving…

mirandakerrOishi-m was spotted on none other than little Mr Flynn Bloom. Here’s a pic of him in the Chercheck Skinny Jean with mumma Miranda Kerr. High fives all round! Which celeb baby/toddler could it be next…?

Oishi-m Outfit of the Week

Today’s outfit of the week is the Like Janis Chubba Jean, Nelly Shortsleeve T Shirt, Jar of Beads by Seedling & Native Jeffersons.

All of these items are available in our retail store or for your Oishi-m goodies go to our website!

Oishi-m Outfit of the Week


Today’s outfit of the week is the Kiss Me Shortsleeve T-Shirt, Angel Privilege Skirt, Seedling My Princess Crown, Woodland Mushroom Night Light and a Ladedah Crochet Globe Rug.

All of these items are available in our retail store or for your Oishi-m goodies go to our website!


Style Icon Award …… Special Mention Award goes to ….

This shot was way too cute also so a new category was made and this gorgeous shot is our Special Mention! Well done!!

This shot was way too cute also so a new category was made and this gorgeous shot is our Special Mention! Well done!!

Style Icon Award……. the Winner is

What a gorgeous bright photo with gorgeous little people to boot! Congratulations!

What a gorgeous bright photo with gorgeous little people to boot! Congratulations to Kellianne, she won a $150 Oishi-m outfit and some super special samples for her kids.

To check out the rest of the entries visit our Style Icon Facebook Album.

My Child Magazine Excellence Awards 2013 – Runner Up

My Child Excellence AwardsMyChildwinner

Thanks to everyone who voted for us in the recent My Child Magazine Childrens Excellence Awards for 2013. We came runner-up in the Favourite Boutique Fashion Label Category. A big congratulations to Cheeky Little Sole for taking out the award and Hootkid for also coming runner-up. Yey!

Could your little one win our Oishi-m Fashion Style Icon Competition?

Oishi-m Style Icon

It might be time for an Oishi-m competition!

What do you think, would you like the chance to win your dream Oishi-m outfit to your choosing to the value of $150 for your little chubba bubba or skinny mini + a selection one-off Oishi-m samples specific to the size of your winning munchkin.

To enter:

Post a photo of your Oishi-m wearing Style Icon onto our Facebook page, in the Oishi-m wearing Oishi-m Style Icons Album.


Instagram an image with #Oishi_mStyleIcon

The most stylish image snags this amazing prize. You have 14 days and entries start on September 11th 2013 and close midnight, 25th September, 2013.

A Little Insight into the Creative Mind of the Oishi-m Founder & Designer

We often get asked about the people behind Oishi-m. What better place to start than the lady who started it all. Fiona McPherson is our Founder and Designer. Here’s a little insight into that special lady…

What inspired you to start Oishi-m? And of course name the business Oishi-m?

It all began when I had a chubba bubba Mila. She was a size 2 in a baby jean around the waist at 6 months!  I know – denim for babies. Some might think… why?! However, I am a denim fiend and I really wanted to create a comfortable pair of denim that fitted my chubba bubba comfortably. So my daughter Mila inspired me. She was so delicious in a baby sense of the word – Oishi is Japanese for delicious and M is for Mila or the mini one in your life.

What do you love doing on the weekends? Having a lazy Sunday, making pancakes for the kids, eating them in bed and reading stories … and then once the kids move on – some more bed time for my brain to wander and write down a few ideas or stories that have been banging around in my brain for the past week.

Once we eventually get dressed we all get on our bikes and go up to the local cafe to either just have juices and a coffee or we meet up with a group of friends that we tend to regularly have a lazy lunch with and catch up on the week gone by. This usually follows with a play at the skate ramp and park or in the summer more like another dose of the beach and trying to get the kids up on some boards … to then rolling the kids tired little souls home, feed and bed. Perfect!

What do you love about ‘work’? My favourite thing about work is that I am finally living my dream. I get to play with colours, play with fabric and rather than just dream about what I could make out of these fabric’s I get to see product made, sold and worn. It is also inspiring to work with an incredibly talented and highly skilled team of professional women. We are all juggling work and play and  get to share stories of professional success and experience as well as the nitty gritty of what our families throw at us on a daily basis. It’s a no biased work environment. there is no judgement for being a mother juggling work and family. We are all on the same page. It’s wonderful.

If we came to your house for dinner, what would you prepare for us? I get a little wound up if I invite just a couple over for dinner. I over obsess on what I want to cook. I usually get a bit too fancy and prefer it when it’s a last minute “everyone over to my place” where I cook up a big bowl of pasta and pasta sauce (gluten free options available), scalloped potatoes and a lemon delicious pudding for dessert … or Rocky Road Ice Cream … or frozen bananas with Choc top topping.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 things would you want with you? Food, water and my mac (with a wireless connection of course ;)

If you could travel in a time machine, would you go back to the past or into the future? That’s hard … I would probably want to travel to the past. My grandmother used to do all of Georges (a posh department store that now no longer exists in Melbourne) window displays and Women’s Weekly fashion drawings. She has captured images so beautifully that I wish I could be a fly on the wall to watch her work. 

If you could have a superpower, what would you choose? After watching the X men … I think I would like to be able to read peoples minds. I’m pretty good at reading people’s body language, but minds – that’s another realm.

Night owl or early bird? Prior to children – I was definitely a morning person. Now, due to kids and work I have to be both.

Mac or PC? MAC!

Dog or cat?  Dog. Woof!

Your favourite aspect of your work day is…? My morning coffee with the girls, followed by sorting through my fabric swatches. There is always some crazy conversation taking place that make us all nearly wet ourselves (depending on the strength of our pelvic floors’).

The Daruma-san in the Bali Break Short

Daruma San Those who are familiar with Japanese tradition might have noticed the Daruma-san who appears on our Bali Break Short (funny that the name isn’t much to do with the Ja-pon-nase as the Balinese say). The Daruma-san is a is a hollow, round, Japanese traditional doll modelled after Bodhidharma, the founder of the Zen sect of Buddhism. They’re seen as a symbol of perseverance and good luck, making them a popular gift of encouragement. When they’re new, they have two blank white areas for eyes. The recipient of the doll fills in one eye upon setting the goal, then the other upon fulfilling it. So if you see any with one pupil filled in, the owner’s goal is not yet realised.

Coming up with the names…

Oishi-m Babies

We often get asked how do we come up with our quirky names for our garments. It’s often quite early on during the design process that each little baby gets it’s own name. Fiona is our Founding Creative Designer who designs and styles our products and along the process comes up with all the names. Whilst on occasion we might have run a little competition through our blog or look for ideas for names through social media, most of the names come out of Fiona’s wonderful creative mind. It might have been someone she met, a great song, adventures, experiences, a funny moment, something that just sounds good.

The die hard Oishi-m fans can recite the names and it gives a flash back to that period in time… Fuse Ya Hoodie – wintery woollen fuchsia dots… Honeybelle Skirt – hot mustard and pink kimono paneled skirt that friends compromised friendships to get their hands on. If there’s a name that your’e dying to see on a product, feel free to leave a comment below.

Fading Shake It T Shirt and a Recall for Malicai Dress


Much to our disappointment we are recalling the Malicai Dress (Big and Small)  as we have found that the dye in the denim of the Malicai Dress (Big and Small) is bleeding in the first wash. Though we stringently test all our fabrics, and garments prior to production taking place, there are times when things slip through for whatever reason.

Considering much of us at Oishi-m are perfectionists, this is heartbreaking to recall a product that isn’t quite up to scratch that is loved by so many of our customers.

If you have purchased a Malicai Dress from Oishi-m or any of our retailers, please contact us at to organise for a replacement product or potential refund (from the retailer that it was purchased from) to be sorted out.

The Shake it T Shirt has also found to have faded when washed, whilst this is not a recall for this product, if you have recently purchased a Shake It T Shirt and would like it exchanged over for another T shirt please contact us at so we can organise an exchange.

Thanks for everyone’s patience and we really do apprecaite all the feedback that makes Oishi-m keep getting better and better.

Spring 13 Photoshoot Out-takes Video

We do our best to take imagery that reflects the fun and honesty of the Oishi-m. It’s pretty funny to see what really goes on behind the scenes of our photo shoots. Somehow our imagery seems to look so serene and idealistic when it’s really quite the opposite with 13 children running every which way.

Here’s a funny little out-takes video from our Spring 13 photoshoot. Warning: lots of craziness, chaos and crying…

Global and domestic collections

Oishi-m Malicai Dress and Petal Pond Crew Jumper

Oishi-m is proudly designed in Torquay, Victoria. We travel across the globe in search of beautiful, practical, soft fabrics which we then roll out into amazing garments.

As we strive for ‘world’s best practice’, the creation of some of our quirky designs requires access to the best makers. It’s along this search for innovation and interesting design that the Dress and Crew Jumper were born. These two garments are the first of our Global Collection, designed in Torquay and crafted by the world’s best, made in China. The rest of our Oishi-m range proudly continues to be produced in Australia.

Whilst we’d love to keep all our production local, the decline in the local textile and clothing manufacturing industry makes it hard to develop new styles that are commercially viable.

As we do with all our makers (locally and internationally) we visit and screen the quality, location and workmanship to ensure fair working conditions and see people who are crafting garments in positive ethical environments.

Looking forward as our business demands grow, we will maintain our local production roots and mix them with the expertise of the world’s best garment materials and manufacturing. So as we slowly take over the world one little pair of jeans at a time, we’re really excited by new horizons, opportunities for product development and innovation. Hope you guys like them as much as we do.

Note: We value transparency and apologise for the delay in getting this post up, this last week has been a mad week for all involved as we catch up with our growth.

Oishi-m Mujilatte Crew Jumper

Spring 13 Release

Oishi-m Spring 13 babies

Spring 13 release is here! We’re so excited to be releasing this collection which is chocked full of colour and fun.

With summer frolicking in the air we have; shortsleeve T shirts, gorgeous skirts, shorts, shrugs, jeans and… new for this season is our super special dress and crew jumper. Designed and developed over the last ages, it’s been quite the mission to keep them secret squirrel especially in a town as excitable as Torquay!

For inspiration on outfitting, checkout the lookbook, our Spring 13 Video or visit

Oishi-m Blooming Lovely T Shirt and That's Hot Skirt

Oishi-m Waffle Short

Oishi-m Malicai Dress


Oishi-m Big Bottoms

Oishi-m Petal Pond Crew Jumper


Oishi-m Flouncy Short


New releases and how they work


New Release time is also upon us and we thought this would be a good time to explain how our new releases work.

In a traditional fashion business, retailers would view and order what they’d like 6-12 months in advance of the range appearing in-store. At Oishi-m we do often do things differently. Monday was the first time that everyone (retailers and customers) saw our video and had the first sneak peek of our new range.

Next week will see our range released to customers. By the time release day pops around, it’s often only been a short 24 hours since our retailers first set eyes on our Spring 13 range.  In that time, they’ve madly placed and order, we’ve shipped their order to them and have it spick and span, hung onto hangers or uploaded online and ready for customers to get a bit cray cray over. As secretive as the delivery of new royal baby, it’s an exciting event to not miss out on.

To be first in the know when Spring 13 drops make sure you subscribe to our mailing list.

Spring 13 Sneak Peek Video…

We’re so excited for our Spring 13 release due next week sometime… Here’s as little sneak peek video from our photoshoot.

Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list to be first in the know when the collection drops.


Sale press…

Surf Coast Times Oishi-m Sale

Thanks to everyone who made it to our sale last weekend. It was a blast to meet everyone who visited. We even had the local paper the Surf Coast Times come down to check out all the commotion. The poor nanna’s who were a little overwhelmed when their little short-cut to the bank was overflowing with crazy Oishi-m customers.

Limited nature of Oishi-m

Oishi-m Fuse Ya Hoodie and Just Kiss Chubba

Fuse Ya Hoodie and the Just Kiss Chubba

We’re often asked to make more of some of our most popular ‘vintage’ styles. But that’s almost impossible. Here’s a little story as to why…

Fiona travels the world to find our amazing soft, practical and beautiful fabrics. Sometimes we find a skerrick at a fabric market in a foreign land, and other times we find an entire bolt (roll of fabric) from an established fabric mill. From there we bring our fabric finds back to Torquay and design our ranges to try and make them cohesive and showcase great themes.

It all depends on the fabric but as it stands we generally make between 30 and 180 units per style. Though it’s possible we’ll increase that to keep up with demand. Still limited in nature but a bit more, especially as we also grow internationally so sharing a limited edition garment globally doesn’t go very far… In the small items we make the most of the 12-24 months and 2-3 years sizes. In the Big items we make the most of the 3-4 years sizes.

By the time the making of our garments has been finished, the fabric is long gone being sold out from the supplier and what we’ve made – becomes our limited collection of garments. Our current record for selling out stands at 2 hours so it’s no wonder there are styles that are highly sought after… Freedom Longsleeve T, Swift Bloom LS T-shirt, Keep Keep On Skinny Jean… Fuse Ya Hoodie and Star Blast Hoodie… are a taster of popular styles that customers are still chasing down.

When they are sold out they are gone. The beauty of our releases is that there’s always some other new crazy styles that are releasing a couple of months away. To be first in the know when we release our next Spring 13 collection be sure to subscribe to our mailing list or like our Facebook Page.

If there’s a desperate style you’re wanting to chase, we’re now listing our stockists for each particular style on the end of each product description page on our website (only applies to current products). Whether they have any stock left… well, that’s a whole other story.

For those chasing styles older than 6 months old, keep in mind that retailers generally like to turn over product and it’s very unlikely that they’ll have it in stock. It’s more likely that a customer has it in their hot little hands and it would be more likely to find that item secondhand.

For any other ‘vintage’ Oishi-m items, you’re research is as good as ours… first stop Google. Good luck on your chase…

Oishi-m Star Blast Hoodie

Starblast Hoodie

Oishi-m Velveteeen Chubba Pant

Velveteeen Chubba

Swift Bloom LS T-shirtSwift Bloom Longsleeve T-shirt

Getting creative in School Holidays…

Doo Doo Pickle Seedling

We had a little helper in recently in our Torquay store to make some Doo Doo Pickle themed items. If you’re bigger one is looking for some activities over school holidays get into one of the awesome fun Seedling craft packs.

Nine block puzzle seedling

Sale day!!

Oishi-m Sale

We managed to fill “Munchies Arcade” in Torquay for our Sample and Seconds sale this morning! With queues waiting for us as we arrived to the shop and office this morning, we managed to even get the local media into it.

Here’s a few peeks of the chaos from this morning.

Our Samples and Seconds Sale is on for today and tomorrow only at our Torquay store 2/19 Gilbert St, Torquay. But get in quick, it’s all marching out the door pretty quicky!

Oishi-m Sale

Oishi-m Sale

Spend $100 or more with Oishi-m and get an Oishi-m Bag

Oishi-m Gift Bag

We’re now offering an Oishi-m Calico Bag exclusively to customers who place orders of $100 or more through or through our Torquay Store. Just a little way to say thanks for the support.

My Child Excellence Awards 2013…

My Child Excellence Awards 2013

Right off the back of taking out the Kids Fashion Review – Best Australian Made Baby/Kids, We’ve been nominated for the My Child Excellence Awards for 2013 in the Favourite Boutique Fashion Label Category.

Entries close Midnight AEST on the 31st of July 2013 and we’d love if if you’d vote for us, click here to go to voting.

Yey for being recognised!!!

Kids Fashion Review Awards Winner!!!

Best Australian Made label

Ooorraay and many thanks to everyone who voted for us in the Kids Fashion Review Awards 2013.

We’re cuffed to have won the Best Australian Made Baby/Kids Label Category! Yeeew!

A big congrats also to Oishi-m retailers; Bubbalooz who was runner-up for the category of New Zealand Best Online Retailer of the Year and Where Did You Get That? who came runner-up for the Speciality Retailer of the Year Award. So many other cool labels and retailer would could mention here who won or came runner-up too. Congrats to all.

Local newspaper love for Oishi-m ……

Geelong Advertiser - All Sizes fit one

We’ve had a bit of love from The Geelong Addy (Advertiser for those not local) and the Surf Coast Times

Surf Coast Times - Oishi-m


Patagonia Torquay & Oishi-m have joined forces


Oishi-m and Patagonia have joined forces in offering our fabulous customers a little bit of Winter Wonderfulness. If you spend $50 in store at Oishi-m Patagonia will give you a voucher for 15% off to use at their Torquay retail store. (Conditions apply, please see in-store at Oishi-m for details.)


Oishi-m and Patagonia – match made in heaven for winter…

Patagonia Baby Down Jacket

Oishi-m are the exclusive proud retailers of the Patagonia Down Puffer Jacket for kids. Ranging in size from 6mths to 5 years. The smallest size previously available in Australia began at a size 5.

After featuring for years in our photoshoots and holidays, we managed to sneak them into our little store and website exclusively for our customers.

Patagonia was born in 1953 by a Yvon Chouinard with a passion for the environment and the elements of how a product is produced. Patagonia is proudly a major contributor to environmental groups worldwide, committing 1% of their total sales or 10% of their profit, whichever is more, to environmental groups.

Popular with celebrities internationally, the Patagonia Down Puffer is a staple item of any little munchkin in winter.The easy-to-layer Puffer Jacket wraps your little munchkin in soft warmth yet blocks wind and water when conditions get dicey. Patagonia use goose down insulation in their Puffer Jackets because of its excellent performance, down has a higher warmth-to-weight ration, much better than synthetic insulation, its squishy, comfortable, durable and boasts a full-zip front with elastic in the back hem which secures the fit and shuns chilly weather. The squishiness of this little wonder makes it super easy to squash into your handbag or nappy bag, put into a car-seat or pram without having to remove their toasty little Puffer.

This is definitely one item you’re munchkin needs in their wardrobe for the winter months! We, as parents, have been keeping toasty warm for years in our Patagonia Down Puffer’s and now the cult following can be passed down to our little munchkins, the next generation of the Puffer Jacket fan!

Exclusively available in Australia (yes true… not even Patagonia stores stock them) from Oishi-m Torquay at 2/19 Gilbert St, Torquay, Victoria or

Our first Patagonia jacket… with some vintage Oishi-m.

Oishi-m LeBleu Chubba and Patagonia Jacket


Did someone say Sample and Seconds sale…?

Oishi-m Samples and Seconds Sale

At our revamped Oishi-m Torquay Store, 2/19 Gilbert St, Torquay.

Sorry, strictly no online sales for these samples and seconds. So block out your diary, book a plane (closest airport Avalon), get down the highway and roll on into Torquay to get in amongst it.

… A few notes about the Samples and Seconds Sale so you’re better prepared…

  • Strictly only available from our Torquay store on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th of July 2013.
  • Limit of 10 styles per person for personal use and not purchased for reselling.
  • Items sold as is and are not eligible for exchange or faulty exchange.
  • There will be stock in all sizes from 3-6mths to 5-6years.

In the meantime we have a wee sale on at for select styles until sold out.


Kids Fashion Review Nomination…

Sam Longsleeve T-shirt

We’re stoked to have been nominated in the Australian Made Category for this year’s Kids Fashion Review Awards!!!

A big high five also goes out to some of our retailers who have also been nominated;

  • Bubbalooz – New Zealand online retailer of the year
  • Shop for Tots – Australian online retailer of the year
  • Where Did You Get That? – Specialty retailer of the year

Be sure to get voting when it opens on the 3rd of June.

The Shop Reveal…

Renovated Torquay Oishi-m shop

After 5 crazy days of renovating, dust, not being able to find anything is in our office because of the mountains of stuff, brilliant tradies, Obstetrician talking like Electricians (his calming, “everything is normal” really does sounds like an Ob… no joke!), and Doo Doo Pickle being initiated into several different trades along the way… we finally got the shop ready for our unveiling today.

Many thanks to the amazing people who have helped us turn our little fishbowl into a revamped aquarium. High fives all round and hope to see you at our Torquay store some day at 2/19 Gilbert Street, Torquay.

Rack of clothing

The Moving in team



Oishi-m Shop Renovation… Day 2

Yeti and Doo Doo Pickle

Yeti and Doo Doo Pickle being tradies for the day…

Day two brings with it mountains of saw dust, an exciting plywood wall being constructed and some warm chocolate muffins brought to us none other than our lovely Builder, or really his lovely wife, though it probably should have been the other way round… us sucking up to them instead of them bringing us treats. Here’s a few action shots of Doo Doo Pickle on the job…

The WallThe Wall




Oishi-m Shop Renovation… Day 1

Doo Doo Pickle on the Tools


Doo Doo Pickle on the Tools

Oishi-m does #theblock shop refit edition. After expanding our little office area we’ve taken on a bit of a whirlwind renovation project to increase the size of our wee little shop. Doo Doo Pickle even got into the tools today helping out. Here’s a little sneak peak of the work that’s going on. Also a little insight onto the chaos that was going on behind the scenes.

We’re hoping to re-open again on Saturday the 8th of June for the Queens Birthday long weekend (closed on Sunday as normal, but trading 10-4pm on Queen’s Birthday Monday).

Start of the Day

Start of the Day…

Where is the Stapler?

Where is the Stapler…?

Shop Shaping Up

Shop Shaping Up

Instagram and Pinterest…

Oishi-m Instagram

We’re on Instagram and Pinterest…

Oishi-m Instagram (Oishi_m)is a great photolog of what’s going on in the world of Oishi-m… there may be some occasional photos of what Doo Doo Pickle is up too, behind the scenes, shop images as well as a few sneak peaks.

Our Oishi-m Pinterest (Oishim) page has the beginnings of our back catalogue of garments and some of our inspiration on there too.

If you’re social media image crazy get on there to check it out.



Winter 13 is released!

Oishi-m Ape'd Hoodie

Winter 13 is live and running. After selling out of many pieces of Oishi-m goodness in Autumn 13 we’ve back it up again for more wintery styles to keep small people warm and cosy through the colder months.

Here’s a selection that we love…

Oishi-m Winter 13

Oishi-m SK8R Longsleeve T-shirt Monloup Shrug_lifestyle-5

Oishi-m Pompomla Longsleeve T-shirt

Oishi-m Schmoopi Pie Chubba

Oishi-m Bamba Longsleeve T-shirt

Oishi-m Blitz Skinny Jean

To get a little piece of Winter 13 visit one of our stockists, Oishi-m Torquay or



Winter 13 Sneaky Peeky…


Oishi-m Winter 13 coming soon...

After a rocking Autumn 13 release of many sell out items. We’re about a week away from seeing our Winter 13 release launch. Here’s a little sneak peek video from our photoshoot that we shot at the beautiful Geelong Waterfront. Not very wintery when Victoria pulls out a 35 degrees day for it but we tried our best to make it look drab and cold…

To be in the know when the new release drops be sure to subscribe to our mailing list or like our Facebook Page.

The adventures and mis-adventures of toilet training…



Learning to use the toilet what a time of fun and joy but also a time of mad dashing to the loo and constantly reminding our little cherubs of “lets hop on the toilet again” when caught doing the ‘wee dance’. We’ve asked our in-store super Mumma Helena to give us her thoughts on toilet training.

Helena: As a mum of four children I am often asked for parenting tricks to the trade!! The first tip I say is “see these little shorts jeans or skirts, the Tummy Toastie waist-band is your new best friend and your toddler’s too. Using comfort and practicality in the design gone are the complicated factor of buttons and zips when rushing to sit them on the toilet. The Tummy Toastie helps our little ones master loo time whilst feeling confident and proud as punch in the process. Oishi-m bottoms are going to make your life a lot easier and was designed with that in mind”.

The ease with which the little mum and dad can whip down and then of course toddler can pull up makes Oishi-m bottoms a key wardrobe item in the times of toilet training. Now having our big bottoms which have been designed to fit undies (rather than nappies) and toilet training makes it even nicer. Thanks Helena!

Toilet training jeans

Autumn 13 collection released


Last week we released our Autumn 13 collection. Within hours the web was buzzing, and our retailers thriving. Fast sellers that are sold out in a few stores already include; The Freedom Longsleeve T (above right), All about All Longsleeve T, Flossy Pie Longsleeve T, the track pants, the Relaxo Chubba Jean and Willow Chubba Jean as well as the Speckle Hoodie and the Eat Me Up Yum Hoodie.

Be sure to check out our lookbook to check out the entire Autumn 13 collection. But get in quick because it’s toddler shuffling out the door!


Our Autumn 13 Video…

We have made the jump in marketing and we’ve produced our first proper video… that’s not just a rehash of a single take piece of footage. The wonderful David Green helped us create a beautiful piece of footage from some very chaotic scenes of small people. Hope you like it as much as we do!

Be sure to keep in the loop for next week’s release…

Shop for Kids love…


Yes it’s true… Shop 4 Kids hit news-stands today with a bit of Oishi-m love included within it’s fiercy contested pages. Our Freedom Longsleeve T-shirt (above) and Wonton Magic Chubba (below) from our coming Autumn 13 collection made it into the edition. Here’s also a pic of our latest ad for the coming release… (bottom)


We’ll be releasing these cute little pieces next week so be sure to either subscribe to our mailing list or like our Facebook page. Hooray!


Sneak Peek of our coming Autumn 13 Collection…

Team Oishi-m

We had a ball recently taking attempting to shoot and video our Autumn 13 Collection in the Surf Coast Hinterland. Autumn 13 due in late February is the first release of our cold weather goodness, the collection will include luscious hoodies, shugs, colourful trackpants (including the debut of our Big trackpants), long sleeve tees, a skirt as well as our trusty skinny and chubba jeans.

Juggling 14 children, many many outfits, two dirty dogs, a skate ramp, a video guy, a stills photographer, trucks and some sunshine… we managed to get some shots that represent the morning…

Crying bubba + friends

The first day for the little one on the left to sit up by herself… a few lopsided falls throughout…

Oishi-m Autumn Purple Hoodie

Serious purple hoodie…


All guessing what variety the bubba in the tummy will be… the correct answer; a sweet little boy…

Trucks Oishi-m Autumn 13

Testing out our new Big Trackpants rolling trucks down the hill.

Photographer and Oishi-m team

The ladies waiting their turn.

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Merry Christmas!!!

Santa Torquay Oishi-m

Look who dropped into our shop tonight! Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a lovely New Year. Thanks for everyone’s support this year. It’s been a ball.

Boxing Day Samples and Seconds Sale in Torquay

Oishi-m Samples and Seconds Sale

We’re having our first ever Boxing Day Samples and Seconds sale at our Torquay Store, 2/19 Gilbert St, Torquay. There’s all sorts to be scored but be quick. For one day only. 11-4pm first in best dressed! In the meantime for those who can’t make it there’s a few odd bits on sale on our website with a bonus of free shipping until end of December.

Product names suggestions for a $100 Oishi-m outfit up for grabs…

Oishi-m November kids

We’re currently working on designing some of the coming Winter and Summer collections for next year and we need your help to think of some names for products. Fi usually comes up with them but she’s getting stuck for inspiration so we’d love to suggest a promo… (We tried a Facebook promo but that was a fizzer once we realised what the Facebook terms and conditions of competitions were. Thanks to all that entered the fizzer competition).

We’ve got some hoodies, trackpants, chubba jeans, skinny jeans, longsleeve T’s, shrugs and a skirt coming for winter so we need some help with names that suit those products…

Some stella’s from past seasons include; Bon Jutler Duo longsleeve T, Glorious Jean, Pretty Tea longsleeve T, C’mon Pickle T, Keep Keep On Skinny Jean, Miss Money Penny Skirt, Yurple longsleeve T… to give you a few examples. We like the names that are quirky and fun.

There’s a $100 outfit up for grabs for the most creative name. You can enter as many times as you wish. Entering is easy, just add your product name entry in the comments section of this blog post below… Entries close midnight 30th of November 2012.

To be in the loop for future Oishi-m compeititons and giveaways like our Facebook page or follow our Tweets.

Postscript: Thanks to all the entries!!! There’s loads of awesome stuff in there. It was very tough deciding on the winner with so many awesome entries. The winner is…. Anne Silva for the name ‘Group Hug Shrug’. Very cute!!!

Denim for crawling cheeky monkeys


As mamma’s ourselves we understand how much of a shelacking little trousers get from crawling or bottom shuffling cheeky monkeys. A feature of our little jeans that keeps getting mentioned is how well the denim keeps up with the wear.


Here’s a pic of a hand-me down pair of jeans that has already lasted through child no 1, and has already been well worn by crawling child no 2. Mumma’s (significantly) more expensive grown up jean’s aren’t wearing in as well as the hand-me down Oishi-m’s!

To check out the full range of our indestructable bottoms that fit nappy bottoms visit here.


New November collection released…


Hooray for Summer’s warmer weather turning the corner. Here’s a peak of some our latest collection we’ve launched this morning…


Silverado s/s T-shirt and Sage Short


Katsuma s/s T-shirt with Licky Coi Skinny Jean


Bettina s/s T-shirt with Hatty Skirt


Furi s/s T-shirt with Fox Short Big


Katsuma s/s T-shirt with Licky Coi Skinny Jean

These limited edition pieces are available from our lovely stockists, or our spiffy shop in Torquay, Victoria.

Sneeky Peeky for the November release

peacing out

Another soon to be released collection means some more fun in the sun shooting our garments. Here’s a sneak peek of our next collection due launch early November… shot in on the trusty skate ramp. There’s even a little cameo from someone who know’s what they’re doing on it…




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A little local and national media love…

We love a little editorial. Here’s a combo of love from the lovely My Child Magazine featuring the Surge’n Shortsleeve T-shirt from earlier in the month…

My Child Magazine Oishi-m

Followed by an article which manages to fit in baby monster’s, doo doo pickles, warm fuzzies, and mention our many children from our army of mumma’s from our local rag Surf Coast Times

Surf Coast Times Oishi-m

To read it click on the image and a bigger version of it should appear.

New September releasing today…

Oishi-m Coolio Chubba Jean

We’ve released our latest September collection of Oishi-m goodness. Filled with colourful playful pieces for the little munchkin in your life. These limited edition pieces are available from our lovely stockists, or our spiffy new shop in Torquay.

Oishi-m Poppet s/s T-shirt

Oishi-m Scamp s/s T-shirt

Oishi-m Luvli s/s T-shirt

Oishi-m Snooki Yak Short Big

Oishi-m Wave Royal s/s T-shirt

Sneaky Peeky of next week’s launch…

Oishi-m Marmalade Shrug

After a little wowser of photoshooting (see this post about a 2 year old being in charge of her styling) we’ve got some sneeky peeky shots that didn’t quite make the top spots in the pool room… We’ve also managed to get a little bit Offspring on you and pick a very Nina Fitzroy-ish park… yes we are also obsessed and can’t wait for next season…

Oishi-m Poppet Shortsleeve T-shirt

Oishi-m Humvee Short

World T-shirt Tour

Kid Independent World T-shirt Tour Oishi-m

We’re featured in the World T-shirt Tour by Kid Independent. Over the month of September they’re profiling and voting for the best T-shirt. We’d love it if you could vote for our beautiful Glorious T here and clicking the like button. Thanks!

What is wrong with this picture…?

Wrong feet

We’ve just recently shot our coming summer collection and we realised late into the last shoot that something was not quite right with the styling of our 2 year old Oishi-m munchkin on the left of the above image… Here’s a hint below…

Wrong feet

And if you still don’t see it here’s a more obvious one…


Doo Doo Pickle comes to life


Visiting lots of amazing markets and tradeshows we come across many beautiful products and makers. One very special maker in particular is Torunn from Herbert and Friends based in Sydney. She is a mega-crafter extraordinare handmaking funny little creatures from felt amongst other things (she has also been known to make a felt polaroid camera and typewriter!) Each one of her creatures comes with it’s own name and bio. In making our shop super awesome, we asked Torunn for a few of her creatures to sell in our shop (yes we love the yeti, wombat, raccoon and koala) and commissioned the making of Doo Doo Pickle.

Here’s a sneak peek of what Doo Doo Pickle got up to with his new friends before he made the trek down south to our shop in Torquay… Torunn does have the best blog ever with the adventures of Herbert and Friends or drop into our shop to meet these little critters in person.

He’s even available for sale on our webstore if you can’t see him in real life at our shop.


Babyology Prizeapalooza Oishi-m giveaway…

Oishi-m Babyology Prizeapalooza August 2012

Babyology have a crazy few weeks where they give away an awesome prize each day. Yesterday was our turn with a $150 Oishi-m outfit up for grabs. To enter, you have to comment on their Oishi-m post with your perfect Oishi-m outfit for your little munchkin. Get cruising on our website to check out the range and make your selection before entries close on Midnight on the 20th of August 2012.

Shop now open!

Shop Open

D-day has come and our Torquay shop is finally open. After days of pricing, sorting, hanging and receiving deliveries. We’ve opened our doors to the public for the first time. Thanks to all our beautiful labels and customers. Here’s a look-see of our first day…

Oishi-m Shop interior

Inside the shop…

Oishi-m Shop Miyo Fallshaw Fiona McPherson TorquayMiyo (left) and Fi (right) with our troops…

Oishi-m Shop Torquay Bag making

Bag decorating team hard at work.

Found something amazing!

Finding some fun things…

Cut outs walking out of shop...Our life size cut outs escaping…

For our opening hours visit our shop page.

Shop Opening tomorrow…

Oishi-m Shop Torquay

Here’s a wee sneak peek of our shop from the outside. We’re pretty exciting to be opening our flagship Oishi-m Torquay store tomorrow. Stocked with the entire (what’s available) range of Oishi-m as well as some other sweet little awesome labels from around the world. Check out our opening hours here. If you’re down Torquay way, do drop in to say hi. We’ll be there tomorrow from 10am-3pm.

Oishi-m Shop Torquay

Our new shop opening Saturday…

Oishi-m Retail Shop Opening

We’re launching our much anticipated flagship store in Torquay this Saturday 11th of August, 10-3pm and you’re invited. Located at 2/19 Gilbert St, in the ‘Munchies Arcade’ we’ve not only got our lovely garments but also some super cute Bergstein Gumboots (Netherlands), Native Shoes (Canada), as well as the most awesome Seedling (NZ) craft packs , Down in the Woods (Melbourne) felt goodness and Lah De Dah (Geelong) crocheted toys to name a few.

For more info and opening hours visit our shop page.

August 12 Spring/Summer is here…

Oishi-m Hiber Shortsleeve T and Lili Me Skirt

Hiber S/S T-shirt with Lili Me Skirt

Yey for our first collection of Spring/Summer! This collection will see us launching the first of the Big Shorts as well as some spiffy summery pieces. With pops of gelati, slices of greens and sea blues this collection has loads of fun packed into it. This range is available from our lovely stockists, as well as our spiffy new store.(As of the 11th of August) Oishi-m Glare S/S T-shirt with Hopperty Short

Glare S/S T-shirt with Hopperty Short

Zommer Short - Big with Sunday S/S T-shirt and Preplin Chubba - Big

Zommer Short – Big with Sunday S/S T-shirt (left) and Preplin Chubba Jean – Big

College Short with Beam Machine Shrug

College Short with Beam Machine Shrug

Glorious S/S T-shirt with Honeybelle Skirt

Glorious S/S T-shirt with Honeybelle Skirt

Surge'n S/S T-shirt

Surge’n S/S T-shirt

Sneak Peek of August launch…

Ohhhh summer is round the corner and we’re soon to launch our first of the Spring/Summer Collections due in August. In the dark depths of the Victorian winter we managed to get our ‘talent’ into the cold winter air to snap a few shots that tried to say summer. Here’s a sneak peek look at August collection…


This is my surprised face…


Like this?


It looks warm but really it’s freezing!

oishi-m_surgensst-shirt_lifestyle-w500more chest?

Our August collection will be releasing on Monday the 6th of August through our lovely stockists and online at To be first to hear when it’s launched, subscribe to our updates.

New office and new…


Shop! It’s true, whilst the rest of the retail world is surrounded by doom and gloom media we’re taking this opportunity to take over the world one small pair of jeans at a time.

Our new shop will be opening mid August in our home town of Torquay, Victoria. In there we’ll be showcasing our entire Oishi-m collection with some super cute things we’ve been eyeing off for a while now as we trapes around Australia selling our Oishi-m goodness. Tonight we managed to get our colourful beautiful lights up. So now we have a wall and some lights, a bit more to go but we’ll get there soon enough. Keep your eyes peeled as we get ourselves more organised…

Bye bye Bellroy


It was time for Oishi-m to move. We had literally outgrown our office. Sharing our office with the lads and lasses of Bellroy (the creators of amazing wallets) the office creep was getting a bit ridiculous, eventually swallowing up their team members whole with children’s clothing – non childbearing boys aren’t so excited about children’s clothing enough to appreciate the beauty of sitting in piles of cute clothing.

We know they are going to miss us, all our conversations about; birthing, breastfeeding, changing pooey nappies, waxing appointments, noisy toddlers who love to sit on laps to watch youtube, giving our opinions where they are not really needed or wanted!

We are going to miss the constant surf updates and live results from every surf competion around the world, we will miss the never ending Bellroy attention to detail, graphic design updates, general all round knowledge, the owl shrine, Linc’s Tim Tam stash, Hadrien’s stationary supplies, Stacey’s infectious giggle, Josh’s cake consumption, and Andy’s loud voice full of crazy theories.

Bye and thanks Bellroy we hope your endeavours on carrying better and slimming your wallet revolutionise the world.

July Jeans for Genes fundraising

Jeans for Genes 2012

This July we’re partaking in our annual fundraiser for Jeans for Genes and the Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI).

$5 from every pair of jeans we sell through will be donated to this worthwhile cause that supports paediatric medical research. CMRI aims to improve and extend the lives of all children everywhere. This is more profound considering that 1 in every twenty children born in Australia (approx 12,000) suffer from a congential abnormality or genetic disease.

So far CMRI’s many achievements include increasing survival rates of premature babies, establishing Australia’s first research unit for newborns, developing life saving micro surgery techniques, and introducing vaccines that protect against a number of potentially fatal or disabiling childhood diseases.

Whilst we have been blessed with healthy children, we hope our little contribution from our wee children’s label can help make a contribution to someone’s world.

For more information about the Children’s Medical Institute or donate here.

Yey for coming runner-up…


Hooray for coming runner-up in the Best Australian Made Baby/Kids Label in this year’s Kids Fashion Review Style Awards.

Thanks heaps to all those that voted for us! Maybe we could go one step higher next time…

Any one know a Production Co-ordinator..?

Production Co-ordinator

We’re on the look out for a part-time Production Co-ordinator to work a couple of days a week from our office in Jan Juc (Victoria, just near Torquay, if you didnt’ know where this was you’re probably too far away…) with a few hours here and there from home.

Oishi-m is growing at a fast rate and Fi is slowly getting swallowed up by the increased Production needs. Working alongside our fabulous Founder and Designer and all round production guru Fi McPherson, the Production Co-ordinator person should be an organised, analytical, numbers and excel whizz who would have previously worked in a similar role in an apparel business.

If any one is interested or knows anyone suitable send us an email to for a Job Description…

Kids Fashion Review – Style Awards 2012 Nominee


We’ve been nominated in the Best Australian Made category for this year’s Kids Fashion Review Style Awards for 2012.

Proudly designed and made in Victoria this accolade is a welcome pat on the back of how far we’ve come. We’d be chuffed if you could vote for us

Voting opens at 9am Friday 1st of June at 9am AEST and closes at Friday 15th of June 5pm AEST.


Cleaning out the Cupboards SALE

Oishi-m sale

As we madly prepare for the coming launch in August we decided now is as good a time as any to clean out our shelves of the last bits and bobs so we can start fresher when we launch the next collection. There’s up to 40% off select styles but you’ve got to get in quick as everything is limited and once they’re gone they’re gone only from There’s a few classic pieces left including…

Oishi-m Sandiwaves Shrug

Sandiwaves Shrug and Moss Moss s/s T-shirt

Oishi-m Schmint Short and Minty Fresh s/s T-shirt

Schmint Short and Minty Fresh s/s T-shirt

Oishi-m Ummbi Skinny Jean

Ummbi Skinny Jean

Oishi-m Golden Gaytime Shrug

Golden Gay Time Shrug with Polkan s/s T-shirt

May product released today…

Oishi-m Hot Jam Hoodie and Peely ChubbaHot Jam Hoodie with the Peely Chubba Jean

Today we’re releasing our last collection for Winter. Inspired by wintery warm fires, toast and jam, red wine (for mum … not the kids), Autumn leaves and lush green grass, gumboots of blue and marmadale.

Then back to reality… of what really happens in winter. Waking up freezing cold, put on as many layers as possible – eat toast and jam… krank the heater or light the fire. We manage to stay in doors long enough that you are just about to climb a wall with cabin fever.

We venture outdoors with the little people looking like tiny eskimo’s with so many layers on they can’t move their little arms. They kick about a few leaves, splash in puddles and then resume to the cosiness of a warm home the flicker of the burning fire making everything seem softer (and thats where the red wine comes in). Munchkins making pictures with dead leaves and glue. Ahhhhh my friends – this range was produced with the warm fuzzy feeling we get from winter.

Oishi-m Eddie Chubba and Artax l/s T-shirt

Eddie Chubba with Artax l/s T-shirt

Oishi-m Cabin Shrug and Pretty Tea l/s T-shirt

Cabin Shrug over the Pretty Tea l/s T-shirt

Oishi-m Suits Me HoodieSuits Me Hoodie with the Mulan Skinny Jean

Oishi-m Hot Jam Hoodie and Dove Skirt

Hot Jam Hoodie with Dove Skirt

All these pieces are available in their limited edition nature until sold out at our website or from our lovely stockists.

Sneaky Peek of May release

Lying down

Middle winter is hitting us with a pitter patter of rain as I type. Here’s a little sneaky peeky from behind the scenes of our photoshoot for our coming May release due to hit shops next week…

Crying Oishi-m

Cracking it!


Chasing Bubbles…

Funny Face

Funny faces.

April’s winter just launched…

Oishi-m Merci l/s T-shirt and Bolo ChubbaMerci l/s T-shirt and Bolo Chubba Jean

We’re pretty chuffed with this latest collection of Oishi-m goodness. Very much inspired by the pop colours seen throughout Japan for Fi’s recent fabric sourcing trip, this collection gives a fresh colour lift to the grey days of winter. These cute pieces are available from our website or lovely stockists.

Oishi-m Miss Squiggle HoodieMiss Squiggle Hoodie

Shimmern Skinny JeanShimmern Skinny Jean

Titan Track Pant and Merci l/s T-shirtTitan Track Pant and Merci l/s T-shirt

Oishi-m Cackle ShrugCackle Shrug and Gaultier l/s T-shirt

My Child Excellence Awards nomination…

My Child Excellence Awards

We’re delighted to have been nominated for the My Child Excellence Awards for 2012. Our limited edition signature skinny jeans have been shortlisted in the Best Baby Fashion Label category. As one of two Australian Made label’s in the category we’re pretty chuffed.

If you could spare a few moments and vote for us that would be awesome. Voting closes April 18th 2012.

More editorial love…

We’ve had some more editorial loving…

My Child Magazine Oishi-m

This week saw the release of the latest My Child Magazine featuring the beautifully outfitted Stunner L/S T-shirt.

The Daily Buzz Oishi-m Feb 12

The Daily Buzz also featured our latest collection of Wintery goodness.

Oishi-m fits rejigged…

Oishi-m JeansOakcliff Chubba with Gnarly LS T-shirt (left), Just Kiss Chubba Big (centre) and In the Right Skinny with Fleurlicous Shrug (right)

In developing our latest winter collection, we’ve tweaked a few of our garment fits to bring more joy and happiness. Combining the feedback from our super ace customers and the shellacking our own children give to the garments, we’ve made a few improvements. To help understand what has been altered, here’s a little background as to the evolution of the Oishi-m product:

Skinny Jeans

Our Skinny Jean (above right) is a our staple wardrobe essential – boy or girl it seems to always be our respectable going out choice of wear. Not only have we introduced sizes 3-4yrs, 4-5yrs and 5-6yrs to our range , we have had lengthened the size 2-3 year jean to give it a little more longevity so it now fits a size 3 child when the cuff is unrolled. We’ve also reinforced our stitching across our denim range with a twin needle stitch in the highest wear areas.

Oishi-m Volcanic ChubbaVolcanic Chubba

Chubba Jeans

We added a ‘Big’ version of our Chubbas into our range whilst also taking some of the bulkiness out of the nappy area in the 12-24mths and the 2-3year old chubba jeans. With our previous fit our chubba bubba testers seemed to have a little too much space so we’ve pulled it in a bit around the bottom region. Not too much that it compromises that cloth nappy wearers, just enough so that your child doesn’t look like a pumpkin with legs.

Oishi-m Wall-e TrackpantWall-e Trackpant

Track pants

We found with our previous track pant that the leg length didn’t offer what we had in the skinny and the chubba jeans. It was hard to add extra length when the fabric is so floppy . So we added a cuff to our track pants too. This cuff – just like the skinny and chubba jeans starts rolled up and ends up unrolled at the end of the wear of the garment

Oishi-m Petal Skirt and Stunner L/S T-shirtPetal Skirt and Stunner L/S T-shirt


We have changed this little number into a 6 panel skirt, giving it a little more shape and added pockets either side of the garment for little hands or trinkets to be stuffed in there (as if a 3mth old baby is going to use them… ha!!) … but mainly to add a little fancy detail to a fancy little skirt. The knickers still remain and these will extend right through to size 5-6years – giving your monkey bar girls some decency.


We have added approximately 2cm to the girth of the T across all our sizes. Taking our fit away from being slim fit and more an edgey slightly looser fit. We also added a scoop to the bottom – just because we think their ace, and give the T a little somethin’ – somethin’ spesh.

St Hood HoodieSt Hood Hoodie

Kimono Hoodie

The Kimono hoodie has always been built to last. With the double breasted buttoning system, we added a 3rd button at the end of last winter and so far between the buttons and extra long cuffs, we’re pretty chuffed with the result so far.

Oishi-m I Wish Skinny with Fleurlicious Shrug

I Wish Skinny Jean with Fleurlicious Shrug


This versitle creature has been brought in line with the hoodies fit and wraps up our consistently sized range. It’s large enough to wear over a crew neck jumper or simply of a T what ever season, what ever takes your fancy.

We’re always on the lookout for more feedback so if you have any please send it through to us at Otherwise for more detailed information on our sizes visit our size chart page.

Hoorah for our new ‘Big’ bottoms…

Oishi-m Faux De Fafa Chubba Jean Big

Oishi-m is known for its comfort, ease of dressing baby’s through to toddlers and now with the introduction of our ‘Big’ range (sizes 3-4yrs up to 5-6yrs) – the joy of the Oishi-m journey of life continues for comfortable, functional and edgy small people clothes.

Jeans have been around since 1873 … denim fabric since the 1600′s – there are many takes on this iconic staple of ‘garmentry’ and through passion and the quest for comfort and functionality hopefully we can add our little twist to it to tantalise your eye buds and fit your bigger smaller people as well as the littler ones.

After listening to the many requests for larger sizing we had a pretty good idea as to what was was on the wish list and what wasn’t wanted: it wasn’t about reinventing the wheel … we love the look and feel of what we had in nappy bottoms … but for big kids. It was important to be comfortable and yet still look super slick… We hope we have captured exactly that.

Oishi-m Keep Keep On Skinny Big

The ‘Big’ jean styles are comfortable jeans with the textural and much loved fabric detailed bottoms with out the bulk, the comfortable and practical tummy toastie – perfect for toilet training and for fernickety comfort seeking small people and some serious denim attitude to stand out from the rest.

We started designing something that was more like a 5 pocket jean, and just wasn’t happy with it. It started looking like a “jegging” (ohhhhhhhhh no no no!). Then after 6 more prototypes and many test wears came… a hybrid jeans of sorts. Pockets with match back detail fabric at the front to prevent the jean from looking like a “j#*$%*g”, the same cuff’s as the 3mth-2 years jeans and the Tummy Toastie for comfort. Then we introduced the mid front and mid bottom seams to grow the jean up into something similar to a regular jean.

We knew it was a keeper when miss 6 year old decided it was time to ditch the leggings and go back to her Mumma’s trusty jeans design.

Our ‘Big’ Jeans come available in Chubba and Skinny fits and are $79.95 available online or through our lovely stockists.

Oishi-m I Wish Skinny Big

New release February Autumn/Winter collection…

Oishi-m Fuse Ya Hoodie and Just Kiss Chubba

Fuse Ya Hoodie and Just Kiss Chubba

Can you believe we are releasing Winter product already!? Crazy but true! Here’s the first of our Autumn/Winter releases. We are waiting for it to get nice and chilly so we can deck our munchkins in these cute threads.

Miyo’s little girl’s can’t get enough of the divine Fuse Ya Hoodie and Just Kiss Chubba Jeans (top of page). Brooke shotguns the Bon Jutler Duo L/S tee (not just for the name) and the Keep Keep On Skinny Jeans for growing boys (shown below is the Big version of them).

Oishi-m Keep Keep On Skinny Big with Bon Jutler Duo LS T-shirt

Bon Jutler Duo L/S T-shirt with Keep Keep On Skinny Jeans – Big

For the Oishi-m devotee’s with Munchkins outgrowing size 2′s, we have just released the first of our cult jeans in sizes; 3, 4 and 5, dubbed the ‘Big’ Range available in both Skinny and Chubba fits (skinny shown above). These puppies come equipt with pockets to store the odd lego man and are finished off with Oishi-m’s trademark Tummy Toastie for the quick strip offs required for potty training individuals.

The February range was designed by Fi McPherson after her flying fabric visit through Japan and Hong Kong to source devine unique and funky threads. She went a little crazy and you can see the results in this range.

The range is inspired by quirky Japanese outfitting and designed for cosiness. Soft denims, suiting and velveteen bottoms matched back with deep reds, warm purples, soft pinks, cucumber greens and soothing blues. Gorgeous bright colours are the perfect pick me up when it is a grey miserable day outside. Super styling and super comfy. It is all about getting out in the playground and playing in comfort.

This February collection is now available. Get in quick because these limited edition garments won’t stick around. Oishi-m is made with love in Victoria and is available from our lovely stockists and

Oishi-m Swift Bloom LS T-shirt

Swift Bloom L/S T-shirt

Oishi-m On The Spot Hoodie and Wall-e Track Pant

On the Spot Hoodie and Wall-e Track Pant

Tradeshowing it up…

Kids Instyle Sydney Feb 2012 Oishi-m

We’re at Kids In Style in Sydney this week. Meeting and greeting our lovely stockists. Here’s a little behind the scenes with a few glimpses in there of our soon to be launched Feb collection.

Kids InStyle Oishi-m Sydney 12 Stand

Feb blog loving…

Babyology Feb 12

We’ve had a great few days with some super lovely blogs picking up a little feature on our coming Feburary 2012 collection including some love from Babyology, Kid Independent, Babybites and Beyond the Bump

Kid Independent Feb 12

Babybites Feb12


The February release is due to officially release next Monday the 27th of February. To be first in the know when it drops subscribe to our mailing list.

February 2012 Editorial…

We’ve had a little love in some beautiful magazines recently. Here’s a sneak peak of the editorial.

Shopping for Baby -  Oishi-m Miss Money Penny Skirt

Shopping for Baby featured the very lovely Miss Money Penny Skirt.

Multiplied - Oishi-m editorial

Meanwhile Multiplied Magazine featured the Grid Shorts and Be Marle Shortsleeve T-shirt.

February Autumn/Winter sneak peek…

Oishi-m Petal Skirt and Stunner LS T-shirt

The first of our Autumn/Winter collections is about to hit our beloved stockists and our website later this month. Here’s a sneak peak of what’s coming. The launch also sees the first of our ‘Big’ bottoms that go up to size 5. To be first in the know when this collection launches subscribe to our mailing list here.

Oishi-m Fuse Ya Hoodie

Oishi-m Keep Keep On Skinny Big with Bon Jutler Duo LS T-shirt

Oishi-m Team

fimiyobrooke-w500Fi, Brooke and Miyo

Oishi-m is growing and we thought this might be a great opporunity to introduce you to our team;

Fi – Fabric fiend, Design and Production

Fiona is the mastermind behind the Oishi-m (and Doo Doo Pickle), she’s the brains behind the design, sourcing our amazing fabrics and production. She has a house full of fabric and sketchbooks filled with ideas. Fi has two busy munchkins Mini man Occy and chief bigger kid size tester Mila to keep her busy.

Miyo – Smoke and Mirrors of Sales and Marketing

Miyo focuses on the smoke and mirrors of marketing, the brand, imagery, admin and our wholesale business. Mumma to giant two year old Mali who features in a lot of our images and Jala the mini-est of our product testers.

Brooke – Websales, Markets and Events

Brooke Powell. She’s a super Mum to 2 year old super busy chubba, Asher. With an extensive background product managing, buying, sales in the surf industry she’s a strong addition to our brood. Brooke looks after our websales and markets/events.

Kidlets – Protect testing and Models

We can’t forget our product testing/model department too, they’re in charge of; fit, wearability, and giving our products a good shelacking whilst on occasions turning it on for our cameras when the stars align; they’re well fed, clean, not tired, sun’s out and willing to play dress-ups.

Silly Season and Holidays…

Oishi-m Slink T and Schmooch Skirt

Hope the silly season is going well.

If you’d like to guarantee delivery of items prior to Christmas (for Australian delivery) make sure you get orders in before Monday the 19th of December.

We’ll be taking a break (just like our newest Oishi-m kidlet above) over the holiday period to hang out with our little families. Oishi-m will be closed from the 23rd of December and will resume back to normal operations on the 16th of January. Between New Years and the 16th of Jan we’ll be shipping orders on a limited basis.

Until next year, have a great and relaxing break. Can’t wait to show you guys what we have in stall for next year.

Design Insights – Fi and her Fabrics…

Fabrics at the office

Some might call it a problem, we like to think of it as a passion. We (Fi) have fabrics coming out our ears, our liddle office seems to have fabric in every nook and cranny where it fits.

When dressing and designing for little munchkins we’re well aware that comfort of soft fabrics is super important. There’s nothing like having a sensitive toddler who refuses to wear a T-shirt because of that scratchy neck tag. Through the fabric selection of our soft jerseys, light weight soft denim , soft cotton tags and the super comfy tummy toastie, we try to make dressing up time as easy as it can be.

When our own children refuse to wear pyjama’s but prefer to wear jeans to bed instead, it’s a pretty nice compliment about comfort.

Little One Baby Mention…

Little One Baby Bass T-shirt

Flicking through the latest issue of Little One Baby Magazine, we’re delighted to see both the Bass T-shirt and the Summer Jooce Skirt. Especially love the pic of the little boy in the Bass T, so cute!

Little One Baby Summer Jooce Skirt

Babyology and The Circle…

What a big week it’s been. We’ve not only released our November collection but we’ve also had a wee little mention on the very lovely blog that is Babyology as well as Fi being featured in an interview about Mumpreneurs on The Circle.

Here’s a sneak peak of both these features…

Babyology November

We’re huge fans of Babyology and the beautiful things they feature so we were very chuffed to see a mention about our latest November collection on Tuesday.

The Circle

Fi was interviewed by Rachael Rollo from The Circle at our lovely stockist Hoochie Coochie in North Fitzroy about the juggling act of being a Mumpreneur. To check out the interview click here.

New November product…

Oishi-m Toil Soil T-shirt and Hiya Short

As the warmer weather hits we’re releasing some summery pieces this month…

Oishi-m Toil Soil T and Schmooch Skirt

Toil Soil T and the Schmooch Skirt waddling through the sand…

Oishi-m Coi Coi Short Be  and Marle T-shirt

Coi Coi Short with the Be Marle T throwing rocks into the water…

Oishi-m Monkey T-shirt

Monkey T and Uni Short working it for the camera in the sand…

Oishi-m Uni Shorts

These pieces are available from our lovely stockists or at for a limited time until sold out.

November release sneak peak…

Oishi-m Monkey T-shirt & Soil Toil T-shirt

Here’s a little sneak peak from behind the scenes of our November release photoshoot…

Oishi-m Soil Toil T-shirt with sunnies

Straight out of a sunnies commercial…

Oishi-m Uni Short and Monkey T-shirt

Just working the sand…

Oishi-m Toil Soil T and Hiya ShortIf you’re happy put your hands up…

To be the first in the know when the new November pieces launch subscribe to our Oishi-m updates or check back in at in mid November.

Design Insights – Doo Doo Pickle

Doo Doo Pickle Montage

Some wonder what this little creature is, is he a ghost, a smudge? His name is Doo Doo Pickle.

He is that little critter that takes their position in the corners of sleeping children’s eyes. Once in position during the magic of the night he peeks through the smallest of cracks in their eyelids and watches over our munchkins dreams.

Doing a good deed each day, he lives in a stem of a sunflower and likes cups of tea (white with a pinch of honey if you’re asking…).

Doo Doo Pickle Working

New October Summery pieces…

Oishi-m Summer Jooce Skirt & Slink T-shirt

Hooray for more summery pieces. After our last launch in August our sales went a little crazy and we’d sold out of some of our summery styles in a flash.

This month we’re releasing some cute summery shorts, skirts, shortsleeve T’s, shrugs and a couple of skinny’s and a chubbas. Here’s a taster of the new range. To spice things up a little we’re also launching a new website at the same time…

Oishi-m Golden Gay Time Shrug

Golden Gay Time Shrug over the Polkan T above…

Oishi-m Babi Boo T

Babi Boo T pointing the way…

Oishi-m Bass T and Grid Short

Getting ready to pounce with the Grid Short and Bass T

Oishi-m Agean Short

Agean Short frolicking at the beach…

Oishi-m Crunch Chubba with Polkan T and Golden Gay Time Shrug

Crunch Chubba Jean with the Polkan T and Golden Gay Time Shrug in the warm summer sun…

The new range is avaialble at or through our lovely stockists.

Spiffy new website

Website Oct11

We’ve been working behind the scenes for the last couple of months with our very talented Graphic Artist Jimmy and Amazing multi-tasking web developing mumma Linda to put together our spiffy new website.

Featuring improved product browsing capabilities that include outfitting recommendations, zooming in on product images as well as payment processing abilities for Credit Cards (hooray!!!) and mobile e-commerce capabilities to name just a few of the fancy features. We’re pretty stoked with the outcome. We hope you like it as much as we do. Any feedback is always appreciated. To check it out click here.

Note: existing Registered Customers will need to retrieve a ‘Forgot Password’ to obtain a temporary password to enter. Passwords can be resaved once entered.

October release sneak peak…

Oishi-m Slink T-shirt

We’re launching more summery pieces in early October but thought you might like to see a few behind the scenes sneak peak shots of our photoshoot…

Oishi-m Bass T-shirt

Let’s shoot over there…

Oishi-m Slink T and Summer Jooce Skirt

Going surfing with Dad…

To be the first in the know when the new October pieces launch subscribe to our Oishi-m updates or check back in at in early October.

Design Insights – Catering for nappy bottoms…


2 year old Asher sporting the Bumgenius nappy in the Traveller Short.

Babies come in all shapes and sizes and so too their nappies. For many years babywear seemed to just be a downsized adult pattern of a garment shrunk down to fit a smaller person.

When Fi first started designing garments for her little munchkins it was all about meeting the needs of the bubba instead of taking an existing style and shrinking it down. Her design philosophy translated into some of our key ingredients such as the tummy toastie and the rollable cuffs and ability for our garments to adapt with a growing munchkin.

Some of our most vocal customers are parents of the growing modern cloth nappy community. Sick of having to buy up a couple of sizes in bottoms so munchkins could fit into them. Our liddle bottoms all have a ample space for a disposal or cloth nappy. Even providing space for growth and high kicks if the need arises. Here’s a taster of a few of our nappy bottom customers strutting their stuff…

Cloth Nappy in Oishi-m ChubbasJames, 12mth old in a medium Itti Bitti nappy and 00/0 Oishi-m Le Bleu Chubbas and Chloe on the right 20mths old in a medium Itti Bitti nappy and a 00/0 Kawaii Chubba Jean.

James cloth nappy in Le Bleu Chubba Jeans

James again a little younger in Itti Bitti Nappy and the Le Bleu Chubba

Disposable Nappys in Oishi-m Charcoal Chad Chubba Jeans

Jack in disposable nappies and the Charcoal Chubba Jeans.

To read more of our Design Insights click here.

August Magazine Editorial

Shop 4 Kids and My Child Magazine

This month we’ve had two lovely features in Shop 4 Kids and My Child Magazine. Here’s a sneak peak of what was featured…

In Shop 4 Kids we have the Sunny Daze Short as shown below.

Shop 4 Kids Aug2011 Sunny Daze Short

My Child Magazine had a double whammy with the Skulk T below

My Child August 2011 Skulk T-shirt

and the Sweety Treaty Skinny Jean below.

My Child August 2011 Sweety Treaty

August Spring/Summer editorial…

Wow what a week it’s been. Here’s a little taster of the editorial we’ve had on our August release…

Kid Independent - Oishi-m editorial

A little love from Kid Independent. And no, we don’t make mumma sizes but we will be going to size across all our products soon…

Babyology Aug 11

Babyology‘s Nikki also has a little love affair with our skinny jeans giving her own bottom shuffler’s review of them.

The Daily Buzz Aug 11

The Daily Buzz also gave Oishi-m a little mention too..

Kids Fashion Review Style Awards finalist…

Oishi-m Gee Laa T

Tis the time for Awards it seems. We’ve been nominated for the Kids Fashion Review Style Awards for 2011 for the Best Australian Made Baby/Kids Label/Product of the Year.

Hoorah for that and yey being recognised. It’s easy to vote, go here (no registration required) but if you’d like to go in for a chance to win $7000 worth of prizes there’s an option at the end to leave your details. Make sure to also vote for our lovely stockists About a Boy and Little Styles too… Voting closes on the the 28th of August 2011.

First of Spring/Summer 2011

Oishi-m Gnarley Grape Shrug with Ruby Stone Short

Gnarley Grape Shrug over a Bee U T and Ruby Stone Short

Today we’ve launched our first burst of Spring/Summer.With the promise of warmer weather coming up, this month we’re launching with some super cute themes of gelati, naturals, bold reds/blues and minty freshness. As always our range is limited in nature so first in best dressed.

To have a squiz at our latest offering visit or grab hold of the pieces through one of our stockists.

Railed TRailed T-shirt

Schmint Short and Minty Fresh T

Minty Fresh T with Schmint Short

Sandiwaves ShrugSandiwaves Shrug with Moss Moss T

Sweety Treaty Skinny Jean

Gee Laa T with Sweety Treaty Skinny Jean

Tradeshowing it up at Kids Instyle

KIS stand

We have been hard at work this week between picking up our new Spring/Summer collection, getting the final touches together for our November release collection, having a websale and spruking our wears at Kids Instyle at the very beautiful Royal Exhibition Buildings in Carlton, Victoria.

Here is a little sneak peak of our stand and pics of us hard at work… Thank goodness for the couch and how cute is the doo doo pickle that Fi made for our stand…

KIS working

KIS Royal Exhibition Buildings Carlton

Tradeshow week – Kids InStyle

Kids Instyle August 2011

This week, we’ll be meeting with our lovely stockists at Kids Instyle to showcase our up and coming Spring/Summer Collection.

We’ve already had a little peak at editorial by the lovely team at Kid Style File.

Kid Style File - Aug sneak peak

If you’re interested in being a retailer or can recommend us to a retailer, let them know we’ll be exhibiting at;

Kids Instyle, Royal Exhibition Buildings Carlton in Melbourne from Thursday the 4th of August until Sunday 7th of August.

Our first ever Spring Clean Out Sale…

Oishi-m Sale

We’ve got new spring/summer stock arrving next week as well as a new website due to launch, soon so this is a great opportunity for us to have a Spring Clean Out Sale. We’ve gone through our cupboards and found some cute pieces we have to part with to make room for our new summer stock.

As our first official clear out sale, it’s the first time we’re offering up to 45% off a selection of our limited edition garments. Here’s a little taster of what’s available. Be quick because sizes are limited and once it’s gone, it’s gone. Dont’ forget we also have free shipping for all orders delivered in Australia!

Oishi-m Sale Product

Jeans for Genes fundraising

Chubeck Chubba Jeans

Thanks to every one who purchased a pair of jeans from our website this July. A total of $400 was raised for Jeans for Genes to support the Children’s Research Institute. We hope it can help make their research little better funded.

Be sure to rock your denim jeans on August the 5th.

Sneak Peak of the first of Spring/Summer

Oishi-m Sandiwaves Shrug

In a bit over a week, will see us launching our first Spring/Summer Collection for this year. With some super cute themes in fresh Mint (as shown by our sunscreen obsessed model in a few posts below), naturals, vibrant gelati colours (flashing a bit of nappy) and cute pinks. We are really excited to show them off to you.

Here are a couple of sneak peak shots from behind the scenes of our photoshoot whilst we prepare the proper shmoozy marketing shots.

Sweety Treaty Skinny Jean

Our Spring/Summer Releases coming up are;

- Early August
- Early October
- Early November – with our much anticipated size 3′s and 4′s in bottoms releasing.

To be first in the know when our range is available subscribe to our updates here.

AusMumpreneur Awards Finalist…

Fiona kids woodenfence Ausmumpreneur


Miyo Ausmumpreneur

We’re super excited to have been nominated as a finalist for the Connnect 2 Mum‘s 2011 AusMumpreneur Awards for 2011 in the People’s Choice Favourite Children’s Fashion Label.

Juggling kids, family, a household and a growing business is quite the work out so we’re super chuffed to have been recognised for our efforts. If you’re a member of Connect 2 Mum‘s we’d appreciate your vote! If you’d love to vote, you’ll need to sign up, click on the category (People’s Choice Favourite Children’s Fashion Label), click on our business image and ‘like it’. And there you have it.

Voting is open from now until Midnight Sunday 21st of August.

A super big thanks to whomever nominated us for the award.

Jeans for Genes, a liddle summery photoshoot and The Circle…

Oishi-m Summery Cuddles

We’ve had a busy week with loads going on.

We’ve been proud to have raised $240 towards Jeans for Genes with our July promotion. We’re donating $10 from every pair of jeans sold through to Jeans for Genes. Brooke has been busy holding the sales and marketing fort and shipping our web orders with 24 jeans sold so far in 11 days. As the month progresses we’re hoping we can grow the donation more.

Oishi-m Summery Sunscreen

Miyo’s been in Byron to shoot some of our soon to be released Spring/Summery pieces (due early August). Here are a little sneaky peaky shots of what’s to come… With beautifully sunny mornings on the beach it’s hard not to fall in love with Byron especially when you’re comparing the weather to what Vicco’s currently getting. Though we did have a few instances where our ‘talent’ got a bit carried away with the sunscreen whilst donning our lastest samples…

Meanwhile, Fi’s being a super Mumpreneur with a little interview for The Circle. Filmed at the very lovely Hoochie Coochie in North Fitzroy, she was fortunate to have the help of Al and Linda to juggle kids, and filming. We’ll keep you posted as things come to light.

Oishi-m and Jeans for Genes press…

We’re pretty stoked to be raising awareness and funds for Jeans for Genes and the Children’s Medical Research Institute. Throughout the month of July Oishi-m will be donating $10 from every pair of our uber cool baby jeans sold through to Jeans for Genes. Here’s a little taster of some editorial we’ve managed to get…

Australian Gift Guide’s website was quick to get a little mention…


Nothing like a little local press in the Surf Coast Times below…

Jeans for Genes Surf Coast Times

There was also a little skirt mention in the July/Aug edition of Pregnancy and Birth Magazine.

Pregnancy and Birth July/Aug 2011

Oishi-m proudly supporting Jeans for Genes

Oishi-m Jeans for Genes

Throughout the month of July Oishi-m will be donating $10 from every pair of our uber cool baby jeans sold through our website to Jeans for Genes.

We’re proud to be supporting the worthwhile work of Jeans for Genes in raising funds and building awareness for the Children’s Medical Research Institute.

Jeans for Genes Logo

This year we’ve taken the plunge and decided to put our money where our mouth is and give a little more from our pockets. We’re hoping our small contribution can help not only raise awareness but funds for Jeans for Genes and the Children’s Medical Research Institute.It’s a great opportunity to raise awareness and funds for this worthwhile event that is such a great fit with Oishi-m.

Specialising in denim for busy nappy bottomed little people, it’s a natural fit for us to support the research for the same little people who wear our little jeans. As parents of young children ourselves we’re know too well the debilitating impact disease and birth defects can have on a young life and that of it’s family.

To support our cause visit our online store or donate directly to Jeans for Genes and rock on out in your jeans on Friday the 5th of August.

Design Insights – Hoodies and Shrugs

Oishi-m Snatch Hoodie

Ever had one arm bracing a baby, the other trying to hold the baby upright with a jumper in your mouth trying to some how grow another hand to put the jumper over a poor unsuspecting yet retaliating child? Cruely trying to dress him/her…?

Fi’s foremost thoughts when designing garments for busy little people is; ‘What is the easiest way of dressing a baby and how can I make this as painless as possible?’

The Oishi-m shrug and hoodie were designed for easy wrapping around a little person. Whether it be on the change table, or on the go. Easy. No struggle, no pulling over a melon head and it doesn’t take two adults and a mountain of co-ordination. Yey for that!

The unisex Snatch Hoodie above features a three button system that is double breasted for width growth, and has rolly polly cuffs for adjustable arm length too. Whilst our shrugs tend to be made from a knit with slight stretch perfect for weather that is too cold for just a T but too hot for a jumper.

Studio Bambini Directory

Studio Bambini Directory 2011

Studio Bambini Editorial Le Bleu Chubba

Oishi-m Studio Bambini

Hoorah to more coverage that we’re getting on Oishi-m product. We’ve had a little Chubba jean love in the 2011 Studio Bambini Directory – Tot to Tween Shopping Guide. It’s a pity our limited edition garments are selling out so quickly as some of the pieces included have already disappeared.

Buzzing on The Daily Buzz

The Daily Buzz Oishi-m June 2011

The Daily Buzz unearths amazing daily bursts of all things fabulous for babies, kids and maternity. On Friday we were lucky enough to have our lastest wintery pieces to be featured on The Daily Buzz.

Style Collective loving our latest Chubbas…

Style Collective June 2011

Today we had a little mention on Style Collective. Seems they love our latest chubba’s in the Chubeck and Panglais Chubba’s. Thanks to our lovely Portland (Victoria) stockist Millie Molly Moo.

Mini Hipster…

Mini Hipster June 2011

The uber cool had a little pic recently of a little Oishi-m munchkin busting out in a pair of Chubba’s in Tokyo. For the coolest of little hipsters make sure you check out

Kid Style File Oishi-m love…

Kid Style File May 11

The lovely Kid Style File gave us a little love in their blog today. KidStyleFile is Australia’s first and best baby and kids 100% independent, mum-run blog dedicated to bringing you the news on premium, designer and boutique baby and kids clothes on a daily basis. To check out the Oishi-m post click here.

May’s new release…

Oishi-m Panglais Chubba_lifestyle_medres_cropped

What a winter it has been. This is our last little blast of new goodness for winter. Our favs so far have been the chubba’s. Featured above is the super cute Panglais Chubba Jean matched back with the Libertine Longsleeve T and below the Stella Skinny Jean. A sure unisex option skinny jean winner. Believe it or not both munchkins in the image below are wearing a 00/0 bottom and 0 sized top! The huge one being a 12.6kg sumo and the mini-er one weighing at 8.5kg! More on that craziness in this post.

Oishi-m Stella Skinny Jean

Below is the uber boy cool Chubeck Chubba Jean with a little bit of help from the Del Liese Skinny Jean.

Oishi-m Chubeck Chubba

And you can’t forget our super divine longsleeve T’s either… with the serious Nate Longsleeve T below.

Oishi-m Nate Longsleeve T-shirt

The cheeky ultra purple Yurple Longsleeve T.

Oishi-m Yurple Longsleeve T-shirt

And the littlest one eating a nice clove of Ikea garlic in the Rufus Longsleeve T.

Oishi-m Rufus Longsleeve T-shirt

Design Insights – Growing with little ones…

Oishi-m Sized up Stella Skinny Jean

We had to show you a little pic we recently took to show the growth capabilities of our little garments.

The munchkins in this pic to the right are both wearing the same garments in the same size! Both little people are wearing the soon to be released size 00/0 Stella Skinny Jean with a size 0 Rufus Longsleeve T. The littler one on the left is 13 months old and weighing in at 8.5kg and 70cm whilst the sumo toddler on the right is a 18 months old 12.6kg and is 84cm tall. Amazing isn’t it!

The added length in our jeans with the tummy toastie have meant that our fast growing children are getting maximum wear from their treasured garments. To give you an idea the giant one on the right has been wearing her 00/0 Oishi-m jeans for about 14 months now – with a constant cycle of wearing of washing for that wholetime. By the time they’re nearly grown out of them they’re looking like proper ‘tight as a tiger’ skinny jeans that can still miraculously flex about for high kicks and playing about.

For more of insights into our design check out our other blog posts tagged Design Insights.

May sneak peak…

Our new May product is almost here. Whilst doing our ‘photoshoot’ we took a liddle bit of footage of our ‘models’ hard at work. To be first in the know when our newest stock arrives in late May be sure to to subscribe to our newsletter.

Design Insights – Tummy Toastie Story

Oishi-m Red Sushi Skinny Jean Tummy Toastie

We love hearing the inspiration behind some of our favourite labels and designs and thought we might give a little insight into what’s going on in our heads when we go about designing our little garments. Here’s the first edition of Design Insights on our comfort driven The Tummy Toastie…

The Tummy Toastie was one of the first ingenious pieces of Oishi-m that was concepted by Fiona back when she first started Oishi-m several years ago. Fi’s little chubba bubba struggled with conventional bottoms so she decided to take things into her own hands.

‘I wanted a garment to accommodate any growth spurts (accommodating any waist expansion due to a gutsy meal or growth), be able to easily dress her with as little stress for her and I as possible (no press studded onesies etc… or pulling in and adjusting elastic waistbands) and to keep her little back warm and comfortable. Mila was a size 2 at the age of 6 months and I couldn’t find any waist band on any pants to fit her comfortably with out the garment needing to be rolled up a gazillion times’ – thus the Tummy Toastie was born.

Oishi-m love in Little One Baby

Little One Baby Winter Cover

Little One Baby Oishi-m Kikoshi Hoodie

We love Little One Baby Magazine. We love it even more when we flick through the pages and see some Oishi-m love in there. The Winter issue is packed full amazing stories, nurseries and products. Even feauturing the super popular Kikoshi Hoodie and Kawaii Fleur Skirt. Thanks Litlte One Baby for making our day!

Winter’s Most Wanted – Star Blast and Fireworks Hoodies

Oishi-m Star Blast Hoodie

Ok… now this is getting crazy! After only releasing our April release last Tuesday, by the end of last week we were already sold out of many sizes of our super cute Star Blast Hoodies (blue hoodie ablove) and Fireworks Hoodies (red hoodie below)!

With only a limited number of any Oishi-m piece produced, popular items can be sold out in a matter of hours so we’ll take this opportunity to point you in the direction of some of our retailers whom might have snapped up some of our hoodies and may possibly still have them in stock.

Star Blast Hoodie (above)

Oishi-m Fireworks Hoodie

Fireworks Hoodie

New April Product!

Oishi-m Ink Me Longsleeve T, Licorice Licks Shrug & Raw Chalk Chubba

After a much anticipated wait, we’ve just launched our newest April product. This month we’re launching some super cute bottoms and super cute longsleeve T’s and shrugs. Above is the Raw Chalk Chubba with the Ink Me Longlseeve T and a Licorice Licks Shrug over the top.

In response to the super high demand we had for our Velveteeen Chubba’s we’ve released an updated in the Haema Velveteen Chubba Pant.

Oishi-m Fireworks Hoodie

The hoodies were another super favourite in Feb having sold out of them in a matter of days! This month’s hoodies are the Fireworks Hoodie (above) and Star Blast Hoodie (below) which the cutest of red and blue fabrics.

Oishi-m Starburst Hoodie

Oishi-m Pie D Longsleeve T-shirt

Above is super cute Ox in the Pie D Longsleeve T-shirt.

Oishi-m Miss Money Penny Skirt

Our skirt which was flashed about in our April Sneak Peak Video is the Miss Money Penny Skirt which above is matched back with the Raspberry Marle Longlseeve T-shirt and Strawberry Stripes Shrug. The skirt is a beautiful molten wool special with a super cute pink floral inbuilt knicker.

As always our product is limited edition so first in best dressed. The new pieces are available at and from our lovely stockists.

April sneaky peaky…

Our new April product is just around the corner. We couldn’t help ourselves and thought we’d give you a little sneaky peaky behinds the scenes from our recent photoshoot. To be first in the know when our newest stock arrives in mid/late April be sure to to subscribe to our newsletter.

Offpring mention

Offspring Cover Winter

Offspring Winter Oishi-m

Offspring Magazine are a baby and children’s lifestyle publication based in WA. We were delighted to be featured in their recent Autumn edition with other super cute labels in their streetwear fashion spread.

Dutch Oishi-m love…

Stijl Magazine Oishi-m

Our lovely stockist Jeej in the Netherlands has managed to get Oishi-m some great editorial love.

Joyce has not only written an article in Stijl Magazine on our Fabric fiend of a designer Fiona McPherson but she’s also managed to get a truckload more editorial across the blogs in the Netherlands. If only we could read Dutch!

To see the full list of editorial visit Jeej’s media page.

Bondville mention…

Bondville March 2011

Yey for Bondville‘s mention of our latest Wintery pieces. Steph Bond is an Australian Mum blogger extraordinaire. We had the great pleasure of meeting her at the recent Kids In Style tradeshow in Sydney. She was chuffed to see our new pieces and has written about them here. Thanks Steph!

Double Blog…

The Daily Buzz March 2011

Almost as good as a double rainbow… We’ve had some great exposure in the last couple of days.
Today see’s us mentioend in the uber cool The Daily Buzz.

Petit Eco Kids March 2011

Yesterday saw Petit Eco Kids feature our cute Oishi-m pieces. With a special thanks to Modern Little Munchkins to organising it.

Winter’s Most Wanted – Hoodies

Oishi-m Kikoshi Hoodie Close up

Our second post for Winter’s Most Wanted, this week we share the love so it’s easier to source our most popular pieces. Next on the agenda is Hoodies…

Having only just launched our hoodies for the first time this Feb, we were a little too conservative with how many we had made up. Causing chaos for the most popular size 1 and 2′s…

Oishi-m Rex Tooth Hoodie

Rex Tooth Hoodie

The uber cutest of hoodies, this little pearler has grey marle body with ocean blue marle and the super functional double breasted buttoning system. Stockists include; Threads of Red, Dragonfly Store, Home Kids (Manuka), Tender Vuillermin (Kew), Machiko Baby, Milt and Joe (Bendigo), and more recently delivered to Millie Molly Moo (Portland)

Oishi-m Kikoshi Hoodie

Kikoshi Hoodie

With the most gorgous red, pink and green trims the Kikoshi Hoodie shuffled out the door at a cracking pace. Some of our lovely stockists that at last check had a few sizes include; Threads of Red, Hoochie Coochie (North Fitzroy), Mercato Design (Lilli Pilli), Tender Vuillermin (Kew), and more recently delivered to Millie Molly Moo (Portland).

To be first in the know for when we release new items become an Oishi-m Subscriber.

Styling it Junior Style…

Style Collective Oishi-m mention March 2011

We had a lovely liddle mention by Style Collective’s Style Junior blog yesterday. Featuring our newest Winter pieces, the article described our choice of fabrics as whimsical. Read the full article here.

Winter’s Most Wanted – Chubba’s

Oishi-m Velveteeen Chubba Pant

After launching our Wintery Feb range only a week ago, we at Oishi-m have sold out of a record number of styles. In such a fast space of time, our mad keen subcribers had cleaned up our website of available stock we had and started to email and Facebook us for queries of where they could snap up the cutest pieces from our Feb release.

We thought it might just be easier to share the love and point you in the direction of a few of our stockists that have stocked up on these hard to pin down items. This is the first part of our Winter’s Most Wanted Series focusing on Chubba’s. To kick things off we have the super sought after….

Velveteen Chubba

Featured as our star image for Feb (above), and with loads of coverage on Babyology, the Velveteeen Chubba Pant’s are built using a super soft velveteeen with a liddle bottom panel inspired by the old laundry basket (not really… but’s it’s a nice story).

If you’re desperate for a pair of these very sought after bottoms, some of our lovely stockists that at last check had a few sizes of the Velveteeen Chubba include; Threads of Red, Dragonfly Store (Burleigh Heads), Machiko Baby, Mercato Design (Lili Pilli), Tender Vuillermin (Hawthorn), Hoochie Coochie (Nth Fitzroy), and more recently delivered to Millie Molly Moo (Portland)…. to name a few…

Good luck, next edition of Winter’s Most Wanted will be Hoodies.

To be first in the know for when we release new items become an Oishi-m Subscriber.

Babyology winter mention…

Babyology March Oishi-m

Our Winter pieces made it as feature on The place to find anything for children and parents that’s worth having, from the practical to the sublime and everything in between. We’re chuffed our wears for chubba bubba’s and skinny mini’s got a mention.

Read the full article here.

Babyology Kids In Style fashion review… at Kids in Style

Yey for getting a mention in Babyology’s fashion round up of Kids In Style. We too love the uber cute pieces from Heavenly Creatures and Knuffle Kid too, so it was humbling for us to be in such great company. Yey for having the “cutest widdle bottoms”!

Read the full article here.


Oishi-m Velveteeen Chubba Pant

Winter sees the release of some super cute cool weather pieces. In the bottom’s department we’re releasing both skinny and ‘chubba’ (wide leg) jeans, a retro skirt (with in built knickers of course!) and some super comfy trackpants all available in sizes 000 to 2. All featuring our ‘Original Tummy Toastie’ to keep mini munchkin’s tum tum nice and warm and catering for nappy bottoms.

Oishi-m Rock'in Waves

Oishi-m Kikoshi Hoodie

Oishi-m’s tops releasing this month include Hoodies, Shrugs and longsleeve T’s. Versatile for layering and growth spurts with ingenious designs to maximise longevity of wear, the tops are available in sizes 000 to 4. The Hoodies in particular are a stand out with the double breasted buttoning system for width growth and rollable cuffs for arm growth.

Our newest Winter pieces are available now from our lovely stockists or

Munchkins in Oishi-m…

Customer Pic 1

With a recent call out to our Facebook fan’s for Oishi-m pics on busy little munchkin’s we were delighted with the response. Lucas’ Mum had sent through some pics of her little man (above) wearing the ever cool Spidey T and Moony Chubbas (both hot sellers that have since sold out!).

Customer Pic 2

Then on the other end of the spectrum we have the little Jalen showing us his bot bot in the Redback Skinny jean. Also sold out :( . We’re loving seeing busy little munchkins in Oishi-m get up. Head to our Facebook page to see many more bottoms covered with Oishi-m and tum tums covered in our cute tops. Feel free to add a pic of your Oishi-m goodness if you have any…

Sydney here we come…

The next couple of weeks will see lots of Oishi-m loving in the harbour city.

Firstly we’ll be dropping into the very lovely Kids in Style Tradeshow as part of the larger Life In Style. Surrounded by the freshest of children’s labels from around Oz we’ll be launching our winter pieces to new stockists.

Magnolia Square Paddington

image002We’ll then back it up with the devine shopping experience that is Magnolia Square. The lovely Cath will be representing Oishi-m at this lovely event. She’s all ready to be babbling about nappy bottoms and skinny jeans…

The Paddington show will feature Jo Neville of Paper Couture creating an interior space from paper over the course of the event. Magnolia Square will be time lapse photographing the progress of the build and creating an animation for their blog during the course of the event.

To the right is also a free admission opportunity. If you’re interested in popping in. Please drop in and say hi if you’re about.

Babybites – Beautiful Bums mention…

We love a little NZ love from the super ace guys from Babybites. They recently posted about beautiful bums and we were featured.

Babybites Logo

Babybites Beautiful Bums

Adventures from the land of the rising sun…


Wow, having just come back from Japan (says Miyo), I’m spinning out with the eclectic mix of fashion, tech and tradition.

Surrounded by crazy cleaning slippers, $180 fruit baskets at the local supermarket, dog costume stores and super uber cool street wear stores that still blast a little Paula Abdul through the speaker, we’re a still craving bento boxes from the local railway station.

The trusty Oishi-m Jeans were a definite winner with little sumo girl particularly in the snowy Niseko or Kyoto weather. Worn over the top of some super cute tights, the tummy toastie kept her nice, warm and tucked whilst the additional leg length was great when she was popped in the stroller or backpack to keep her ankles covered even whilst her knees were bent.

Then there was the testing of our new hoodie… whilst not letting too many secrets out the hood and the soft fabric and hood that was useful in the transition between a warm train and a freezing station back to a cool warm store. Above is a little sneak peak of one of our hoodies and the Le Bleu Chubba…

Our newest wintery pieces will be available in a little over three weeks from and select stockists. Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list to be in the know when it’s released.

Summer Age mention…

Kyneton Summer Age

Yipeee, we’ve had a newspaper mention in last Saturday’s Summer Age!

Featuring the lovely Hennie and Fox in Kyneton, Oishi-m got a liddle mention that we were chuffed to read.

Merry Christmas!

Oishi-m C'mon Pickle T

Thanks for a cracking year. We’d attended our first tradeshow in ages, featured in many lovely publications and websites around the globe, we had madness in markets around Melbourne. Talked our heads off about nappy bottoms, chubba bubba’s and skinny mini’s. All the while, we’ve been stoked with all the feedback from our lovely customers getting longevity in their pieces of Oishi-m goodness.

Cheers for 2010 and hears to an even betterer 2011 with loads more exciting things in the pipeline.

Miyo and Fiona xxx

Yey for Shop 4 Kids!

Shop 4 Kids December 2010

Shop 4 Kids Feature

We’re pretty excited to be included in our first edition of Shop 4 Kids Magazine. As one of the premier boutique childrens publications in Oz, we were delighted to see our cute Chilli Sea T featured in the latest December issue. High fives all round!

Double whammy weekend

Sisters Market Christmas flyer

This weekend we’re busy bees with the super Sisters Market in St Kilda on Saturday (10am-4pm, St Kilda Town Hall) followed by the special Sugar and Spice Market in Woodend on Sunday (9am-1pm, Ambrose Hall). These will be our last appearances at events in Melbourne before Christmas so be sure to check them out.

Magnolia Square St Kilda

Magnolia Square St Kilda

We have well and truely hit the silly season with events backed up for each weekend. This Thursday to Sunday (2-5th December) see’s Oishi-m hitting St Kilda Townhall for the magnificent Magnolia Square. A curated pop-up retail concept, Magnolia Square is the perfect place to pick up some Christmas pressies. See you there….

Piccadilly Market…

Piccadilly Market

Our first market close to home, we’ll be at Piccadilly Market, Deakin Waterfront, Geelong with bells on this Sunday (10am-4pm). Packed full of lovely wares from local designers, Piccadilly Market will be a fabo start for Christmas shopping. See you there!

Freshly Baked Friday mention…

Kid Independent Header

Kid Independent - Freshly Baked Friday

The super ace Kid Independent have featured Oishi-m this morning as part of their Freshly Baked Friday. Kid Independent are a a love of all things handmade, vintage, sustainable, limited edition and independent. They feature some super cute items so we’re chuffed to have been highlighted today.

New November Pieces…

Oishi-m Yummy Pup Skirt and Fantasy T

Oishi-m Teally Nice Short and Sprung T

November is here and as the men are distinguished from the boys with Movember, we’re rocking out some more awesome little pieces to keep the busy ones looking fresh and comfortable.

We have T’s in the craziest of combinations, super cute kimono bottomed shorts and a gorgeous new Yummy Pup Skirt (with built in knickers of course, on skateboard above).

The Chubba jeans are back with some cool as cucumber colour combinations using a lighter coloured denim for summer and the two new shrugs will keep the munchkins warm during those awkward weather changes.

It’s first in best dressed so if you’re keen on any pieces make sure you get in quick. The pieces are available from our website and lovely stockists.

November sneaky peaky…

Oishi-m Sprung T and Teally Short

We busy getting the last finishing touches together to our November/December Product. Our spiffiest newest pieces will be launching our new pieces through our website and our lovely stockists over the next few days.

There are some super cute T’s, shorts, skirt, shrugs and some more Chubba and Skinny Jeans (Sprung T with Teally Short above). To be the first to find out when the product launches subscribe to our updates. Otherwise check in with our Tweets or FaceBook Updates.

General Sumo Shrug Review…

General Sumo Oishi-m review

We’ve had a recent customer from Magnolia Square review our little Shrug on her little blog General Sumo. Finding the best of the boys clothing out there she was a huge wrap for our little Deep Sea Shrug. To see the full write up visit General Sumo .

Oishi-m Classics still available somewhere…

Although we might have sold-out of some of our classic Oishi-m pieces. Some of our super ace stockists have some of our highly contested delightful styles still up for grabs (some in limited sizes).

Oishi-m Spidey T and Moony Chubba

Oishi-m Spidey T and Moony Chubba

The most hyped of chubba’s in the Moony Chubba is still available at Machiko Baby and matching T above the Spidey T-shirt still available at About a Boy and Chocolate and Chilli.

Oishi-m Redalicous Skinny Jean

Oishi-m Redalicous Skinny Jean

The fastest ever selling style os skinny jean as the Redalicious Skinny is still available at Kawaii Kids,

Oishi-m Redback Skinny Jean

Oishi-m Redback Skinny Jean

The ever favourite of ours, Redback Skinny Jean available at The Red Wardrobe and Threads of Red.

Oishi-m Kawaii Chubba and The Love T-shirt

Oishi-m Kawaii Chubba and The Love T-shirt

The cutest combo of Kawaii Chubba and The Love T both still available in limited sizes at Modern Little Munchkins.

Oishi-m Pink Tuscadero T-shirt and Rainbow Skirt

Oishi-m Pink Tuscadero T-shirt and Rainbow Skirt

The amazing Rainbow Skirt at Hopscotch Boutique which sold out to our stockists before it even made it to our website.

For a full-list of our stockists visit our stockists page.

Little One Baby Magazine

Little One Baby November 2010 Little One Baby - Oishi-m write up

Yippee to Oishi-m getting a mention in the ever beautiful Little One Baby magazine. We were delighted to see not only one or two pieces devoted to Oishi-m but also the last page too! Make sure you get out there an grab a copy of the super ace November Issue of Little One Baby.

Mathilda’s Market Caulfield – 21st November

Mathilda's Market CaulfieldWe’re pretty excited about Mathilda’s Market coming up in a couple of weeks. With some really ace little labels in-store there’s always something super for the little on in your life. Catch you there!

Post Market Madness

After a big couple of weekends of Markets, we’ve settled back into sifting through patterns and fabrics for next year’s spiffy wintery pieces. Though we can’t help but mention a few of the highlights we found over the last fortnight.

Let’s start with Finders Keepers that was held in Shed 4 at the Docklands…

Herbert and Friends won the most innovative ‘we accept credit cards sign’ and tempted us with little Keifer the Owl. Each of their little characters comes with the cutest of little schpeil about them. ‘Keifer has always liked the word entrepreneur…’

Herbert and Friends

Also a delight was the beautiful handmade cacti, cushions and blankets made from re-adopted snuggly woolly jumpers made by Odds and End.

Odds and Ends Cushion

Our little faves at Magnoila Square Malvern included; Bride and Wolfe‘s beautiful circle shelves.

Bride and Wolf Circle Shelf

The most divine felt owl mobiles made by Aneka from I Design Things we both (Fiona and Miyo) now have hanging in our homes.

Owl Mobile

Though the culprit that caused addictive behaviours amongst us were the ‘to die for’ macaroons and cupcakes made by the lovely Ed Dixon Food Design.

Ed Dixon Food Design macaroons

Now the trouble is keeping trying to keep our spending in check with the other markets we have prior to Christmas. Better start saving before the next event because we’ll be sure to be surrounded by some more lovely retailers soon.

Magnolia Square hits Malvern…

seeusatmsWe’re pretty excited to be involved in our first Melbourne Magnolia Square. Set in the splendid Malvern Town Hall, Magnolia Square in an institution of shopping experiences. Each retailer is carefully curated to produce a simply stunning pop-up retailing experience.

See you there!

Little Crew App reviews Oishi-m

Little Crew

We at Oishi-m have a few things that we’re wild about… Coffee, our Nancybird handbags and our iphones to name a few of the essentials that get us by. So when Peta from Little Crew approached us about doing a little review of Oishi-m for her new iphone app we were pretty stoked.

Providing daily doses in an easy to read format, Little Crew is ‘The Lux guide to children’s shopping’. Here’s a little snippet of her review ‘Oishi-m clothing is absolutely wonderful and so unique.’ For more about Little Crew visit their website or download their app from the itunes store.

Oishi-m’s October 2010 releases…

oishi-m_burntblossom_medresSummer is well and truely getting closer. October see’s us releasing some super spiffy summery pieces for the lead up to the silly season. We’re releasing some fun little pieces to let the children loose in the warmer wilderness of outside.

We have some devine kimono fabric bottoms to be matched with some gorgeous basic T’s. Depending on the mix and match, October’s pieces can be dressed boyish, girlish or somewhere in the middle.

oishi-m_excusemeskirt_medresBullet proof to last a session in the sandpit, a mashed avocado smothering and crawling about outside our little pieces bounce back after a wash to be adored by parent’s and grandparent’s (who seem to lurve the harry highpants manoeuvre with the tummy toastie) everywhere.

Our unique little designs feature limited fabrics that we find along our travels. Releasing new product every 1-2 months we mix functional designs with beautiful fabrics. The downside is that once we’ve sold out we may never find more of the fabric again and it’s probably the last of it but on the other hand… you’ll be safe knowing that you have a unique item that is only shared with a handful of other funky little people. If you’d like to be the first to find out about our next delivery of limited garments make sure you subscribe to our newsletter (to the right of this post) or keep onto our Facebook or Twitter feed.


Finders Keepers hitting Melbourne

Finders Keepers Melbourne

Finders Keepers Melbourne

The ever popular and lovely Finders Keepers Market is coming to Melbourne. Held out of Shed 4 in the Docklands, The Finders Keepers Markets are design and art markets dedicated in supporting emerging designers, artists & musicians and bringing new contemporary design to the forefront in Australia.

A bi-annual event which started in 2008 in Sydney, Finders Keepers has since launched into Brisbane in 2009. This year is the first time it hits Melbourne and Oishi-m are super excited to be involved. If only we could keep our spending under control whilst we’re there…

Finders Keepers Market, Shed 4 – Docklands
Saturday 9th – Sunday 10th October, 10am-5pm each day.

Babyology’s cheeky little review

Babyology Header Oishi-m Preparino & Blueberry Blossom ShortWe’re super fans of Babyology. So it was a lovely surprise to check out our blog feeds this morning to find a little cheeky mention of Oishi-m in there. Here’s a little taster of what they mentioned about Oishi-m…

‘You won’t be able to stop the crowds pointing to your child’s bottom when it’s covered with the divine style that is uniquely . It’s here that mod meets hip in a way that is sure to have passers-by demanding to know where you got his threads from.’

Babyology is the place to find anything for children and parents that’s worth having, from the practical to the sublime and everything in between. An online arbiter of good taste for anyone who’s ever felt overwhelmed when faced with buying for little ones, they’re there to show mums, dads and everyone else that good design and a sense of style don’t have to disappear when parenthood begins. So we’re pretty chuffed to be mentioned. To read the full article check it out here.

The Daily Buzz – Turning Japanese

Daily Buzz Turning Japanese

We love little mentions about Oishi-m. Particularly from the lovely ladies from The Daily Buzz. The Daily Buzz provide daily doses of rad little inspirations for your little munchkin. Today’s theme was Turning Japanese and saw a lovely flicker in the bottom right corner of our Redback Skinny Jean.

Summery September

Oishi-m Plonk ChubbaWhilst August saw Fiona and Miyo venture back into the world of tradeshow’s, September see’s the first blossom of spring bringing with it some summery weather. Oishi-m have launched September off with a few new additions of cute shorts and jeans. Shown here are the Plonk Chubba and the Reef Raider Short. They each featuring the Oishi-m’stummy toastie. A cute waist feature that maximises comfort, growth and ease of dressing.

Oishi-m Reef Raider ShortWith new limited edition products launching every 1-2 months there’s always a little something unique to keep bubs comfortable and looking fresh. The next launch if Oishi-m goodness (using some amazing fabrics) due early October will include some T’s, skirt, shorts and jeans. To be first to know of when our products release, subscribe to our Oishi-m updates.

Reviews of Oishi-m goodness…

We’ve had some awesome little write ups here are some of them below;

Australian Baby Blog, 2nd September 2010
‘I love a good pair of jeans – and now my baby can too!..’

Bondville, 20th August 2010.
‘And the jeans. Oh the jeans! You can see from the pics above just how darn cute Baby Bondville looks in her Oishi-m’s….’

Daily Buzz, 2nd August 2010
‘What do you get when you add splashes of kimono, vintage and retro fabrics together with hardy denim and cotton…’

Beauty and Lace, Product review, 31st July 2010
‘Oishi-m (pronounced Oy-shee-em) have a range of fun and functional babies and kids clothing. Each design is a limited edition and recently we roadtested the Redback Skinny Jeans..’

Genius Jeans, My Child Magazine, pg116, May 2010 (Winter) My Child Magazine May 2010

Little One Baby Magazine, Product feature, May 2010 (Winter)

Yummmm…., Magnolia Square Snippets, 19th May 2010.
‘Oishi-m [Oy-shee-em] design and produce limited edition garments that splash kimono, vintage and retro fabrics together…’

Oishi-m Trackpants, Style Junior, May 2010.
‘Today we’re loving the new styles of kids tracksuit pants from Oishi-m. We’ve long been fans of their unique urban aesthetic and with these new additions now available in-store their winter collection is fast becoming impossible to resist…’

Widdle Wednesday – Modern Kiddo, April 2010.
‘Funky cool clothing with vintage and retro fabrics….that’s what groovy brand Oishi-m [Oy-shee-em] is all about. The little denim leggings are soooo great…’

Cheeky Chubba Jeans – Style Collective, Style Junior, 5th March 2010.
‘Well, we’re big fans of Oishi-m’s cute range, and we’re big fans of little denim… so imagine our delight at this funky new range. Just in time for Autumn, Oishi-m have launched their new Cheeky Chubba Jeans…’

Oishi-m Feature – Bondville, Stylish Kids, 8th February 2010.
‘I’m totally in love with the vintage-meets-Japanese-meets-denim duds from Victorian kids clothing label Oishi-m. Hip, unique, and super-practical for little ones…’

Fashion First – My Child Magazine, My Style, February 2010.
‘Check out Oishi-m (pronounced Oy-shee-em) it’s designed for little people of all sizes. For the fashion forward mums out there you will be pleased to know they have their own range of baby skinny jeans (can you believe it!) as well as garments with a splash of vintage and retro fabrics…’

Oishi-m – It’s all about cooool… - Style Collective, Style Junior, 17th December 2009
‘I love getting packages in the mail, especially when they’re filled with super cool urban creations for kids that are screaming with character. The Oishi-m collection of itty bitty garments blend kimono, vintage and retro fabrics together with denim and cotton in a funky streetwear style that gives little ones an urban sensibility that will rival Mum and Dads wardrobe…’

Oishi-m Designer Profile – Kids Fashion Review, 8th December 2009
‘Oishi-m [Oy-shee-em] design and produce limited edition garments that splash kimono, vintage and retro fabrics together with denim and cotton to create funky unique garments for new born babies and busy little people’

Oishi-m: Easy to dress, Constantly comfortable and forever fashionable – Kids Style File, 7th October 2009
‘Oishi-m’s jeans are a standout, featuring serveral unique innovations to ensure maximum longevity: the ‘Tummy Toastie’ waistband, designed to keep tummies covered and warm, plenty of nappy space to accommodate even the bulkiest cloth nappy, and extra leg length which can be rolled up into cute cuffs or let down as your little one shoots skyward.’

Oishi-m product Review – Aussie Product Review, 29th September 2009
‘Oishi-m have a fantastic range of funky outfits for both boys and girls. The fashion and design of these items are something you should definately not go past. They are unique and edgy as well as very comfortable for your little angel. Oishi-m have found a niche in the babies/childrens market and will be a huge success’

Funky Favourites for Little Ones – Hip Little One, 11th September 2009
‘For unique, funky and super hip clothes for busy little bees there is one store that stands out from the crowd, Oishi-m’

Baby Bites are Smitten - Baby Bites NZ, 8th September 2009
‘The babybites team are completely smitten with the Red Rascal Skinny Leg Jean – definitely one of our picks of the hottest pieces this season!’

Oishi-m – Media

If you have any media enquiries or want to notify us of any editorial Oishi-m has had email us at: