Oishi-m featured in the Vend Partners video…

Vend Partnership Video

A little sneaky interview we did with Vend, our Point of Sale supplier and SMB Consultants who are our most wonderful implementation partner for our software systems. Nothing like getting off the phone with IT support that drop a ‘Thanks Hun’ into the conversation.

Vend is one of the tools our amazing team use to make the magic of Oishi-m work. To read more about the beginnings of Oishi-m, have a read of our interview with Fiona our Founder.


Spotted! Offspring Season 5, Episode 13 – The Grand Finale!

Offspring Episode 13 Oishi-m Racy Macy T shirt

Season 5 has finished and what a beautiful ending it was. While the anniversary of Patrick’s passing arrived, Nina and Leo finally hook up – excellent! Billie and Mick back together, Darcy and Geraldine back together too…. for now? Clegg and Cherie – Gorgeous Zara to on her way to fulfilling her dream as a doctor and baby Zoe Proudman-Reid turns ONE in none other than our beautiful Oishi-m Racy Macy Shortsleeve T shirt.

Favourite line; “I’m not a full-time fairy”, We love Ange!

What a season! Wrapping up nicely. The entire extended Proudman clan are all happy and we couldn’t have picked a better ending to a series.

Offspring Season 5 Proudman Family

Spotted! Offspring Season 5 Episode 11

Wow – what an amazing storyline last week! Poor Nina, can she not get a break? and Thomas!! What? Good outcome with Billie and Mick though!

Little Zoe trying to escape from her pram styling the Holiday Pop Shortsleeve T Shirt at the cafe whilst Aunty Billie and her mumma have a intense ‘man’ talk. Oh we’re so unresolved for this week. Hope Nina’s woes get better.

Hopeful for another season of Offspring…

Offspring Season 6?

Just recently the Herald Sun ran a story trying to convince the ones that need convincing  at Channel Ten, that everyone wants Nina & Zoe Proudman back for another season. It’s a sure fire bet that everyone last one of us at Oishi-m want a Season 6 too!! What are your thoughts? Comment below, we would love to hear what you think too.

Image : Little Miss Zoe Proudman wearing the Every Dress with her mama Nina

Spotted! Oishi-m on Offspring! Season 5 Episode 10

Offspring S05E11

Busted!! Darcy & Zoe bust Nina and Thomas about to get steamy in the kitchen!! Gee Darcy dealt with it well but seriously how embarrassing!!

Zoe did look super stylish throughout this ordeal though in her Oishi-m Nerissa Skirt and Racy Macy Shortsleeve TShirt.

(Photo credit – FB Everything Offspring)

Spotted! Oishi-m on Offspring! Season 5 Episode 9

Every Dress Oishi-m Zoe Proudman-Reid Fashion

This week on Offspring, our Every Dress (sorry it’s sold out, but more dresses here) was featured on little Zoe this week. Poor Nina, it was a tough day for her in Episode 9.

On a brighter note, the lovely costume designers from Offspring Michael Chisholm and Zed Dragojlovich were recently interviewed on Styling You Blog and here’s what they had to say about Zoe’s wardrobe…

Baby Zoe has been seen in an extensive collection of its designs throughout this season. “The label is perfect for a mini Nina with an eclectic match of prints and patterns,” the costume designers said.

Thanks heaps for the mention guys, to read the full interview click here.

Spotted! Oishi-m on Offspring Season 5 Episode 8

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 11.58.50 AM

So who watched Offspring last night and saw baby Zoe wearing Oishi-m and Nina go on a date (of sorts!).

Wasn’t Zoe just the perfect little style bandit in her Franny Schmanny Hoodie not so happy in her pram, looking super cute styling the Fairy Bread T-Shirt and  Clegg playing teacher to Zoe whilst in her Fairy bread T Shirt & Millions of Peaches Shorts.

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 7.24.53 AM(Photo credit: Offspring on Ten Facebook Page: Top Image’ Happy Baby’ – thank you)

Spotted! Offspring Season 5 Episode 7

Oishi-m Offspring Zoe Proudman Baby Clothing Millions of Peaches ShortThis week’s emotional episode of Offspring featured two of our favourite pieces, the Millions of Peaches Short (above and below) and the Fairybread Shortsleeve T Shirt (last image below).  Our hearts are with little Alfie :(

To view all our featured Offspring Styles visit our Offspring Page.

Oishi-m Offspring Millions Of Peaches Short Zoe Proudman Baby Clothing

Oishi-m Fairybread Shortsleeve T shirt Zoe Proudman Baby Clothing

Spotted! Offspring Season 5 Episode 6


Who saw Offspring last night? It was all happening wasn’t it! Both Nina & Billie have a little bit of ‘flirty thing’ going on, not to forget that cray-cray Annie Lennox dance work out Billie was doing !?!

So whilst this was all happening,  the gorgeous little Miss Zoe Proudman-Reid was looking cool calm and collected in her Duet Longsleeve T Shirt (bottom image), Franny Schmanny Hoodie (unfortunately Oishi-m is all sold out of this little beauty) and her More to Life Track Pants. There was even a little glimpse of the Holiday Pop Shortsleeve T Shirt in there too.


Want to dress your mini one just like baby Zoe? All  Oishi-m featured on Offspring can be viewed here. (Photo credit to ten play.com.au – Thank you)

Duet Longsleeve T shirt on Offspring Zoe Proudman Baby Clothing

Little One Baby Magazine Editorial Love


How cool is this!  We are loving the front cover of Little One Baby Winter 2014 – Oishi-m!! What a cool cover, this little mini is styling the super cool Award Long Sleeve Pocket T Shirt and Off Stage Skinny Jean

Looking snuggly and toasty warm in her Rare Home Track Pant and lusciously cute in the Sing Wonderful Crew Jumper.


The Off Stage Skinny Jean has another little fan! How cool does this little dude look!!


Thank you Little One Baby Magazine for the Oishi-m Love! Click here to see what other Oishi-m beauties there are.






Spotted – In Offspring Episode 3

Offspring Season 3 Zoe Proudman-Reid clothing

This week saw the little Miss Zoe Proudman-Reid busting out a little Franny Schmanny Hoodie (sorry all sold out) with Rosen Skirt. Apologies for the skakey image of Jimmy pulling a funny face.

There was even a sneak peak of next episode and a certain track pant she’s wearing…

Oishi-m featured on Offspring can be viewed here.

Oishi-m Franny Schmanny Hoodie on Offspring

Winners are Grinners!!

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 10.51.17 AMScreen Shot 2014-05-26 at 10.37.21 AMWe are so stoked that Oishi-m won GOLD for Favourite Children’s Label and BRONZE for Favourite Online Store for the My Child Magazine Excellence Awards 2014.

Thank you to all of our awesome customers who showed your love for Oishi-m and voted for us! You’re Ace.

Spotted – A Fairybreaded Zoe

Oishi-m Fairybread Shortsleeve T shirt on Zoe Proudman Nina's baby in Offspring

Another delightful evening seeing Oishi-m hit our television screens in Offspring. The second episode for season 5 saw baby Zoe Proudman-Reid appearing throughout the episode in the super cute Fairybread Shortsleeve T Shirt and the eagle eyed of us spotted the Every Dress (now sold out but have a look see at our other dresses for something similar) in the opening scenes and the Living Lovely Skinny Jean on her too in a car to pram transition. Little Zoe, baby of Nina Proudman is proving to be a little fashionista herself.

To see a summary of all featured styles head to our Offspring Page.

Everyone’s going nah-nah for Oishi-m on Offspring

HeraldSun-May-blog Sunday Herald Sun did a lovely story on the Twins who play Nina’s baby, Zoe in Offspring – looking super stylish in their Oishi-m outfits. Left to Right, Full of Beans Longsleeve T-Shirt with the Half a Minute Chubba Jean & Darling Crew Jumper with the Tallow Skirt. All available at Oishi-m online & in store. You can read this story online here.
SCT-May-blogThe Surfcoast Times also wrote a lovely story dedicated to Oishi-m being the wardrobe of choice for Nina & Patrick’s baby, Zoe, in Offspring Season 5. In this shot, baby Zoe Proudman-Reid is kicking back in her pram, completely content snuggly in her Oishi-m Franny Schmanny Hoodie.

This gorgeous item is also available at Oishi-m online & in store.


Oishi-m on Offspring!

offspring-logoUnbelievable really, not only does Nina’s partner Patrick Reid die (I know, so so devastating) But the questions we all can’t wait to find out the answers to, Billie and Mick have a break, will it be for good?, will Darcy and Geraldine get back together whilst spending so much time with Nina and baby Zoe? How successful will Nina Proudman and Billie Proudman’s co-parenting baby Zoe be?

One thing I can tell you for sure – Nina and Patrick’s little baby, Zoe Proudman-Reid, will be wearing OISHI-M!!!!


On the first episode of Offspring Season 5 we saw Nina’s baby Zoe wearing More to Life Track Pants, Racy Macy Shortsleeve T-Shirt, Fairybread Shortsleeve T-Shirt,  Stella Crew Jumper, Franny Schmanny Hoodie , Living Lovely Skinny Jean and Millions of Peaches Short. WOW!

Offspring-Zoe-Proudman-Franny-Schmanny-Hoodie-sleeping-670w Offspring-Zoe-Proudman-Franny-Schmanny-Hoodie-crying-670w Offspring-Zoe-Proudman-Grasshopper-Shortsleeve-T-shirt-car-670w


Media Love for Oishi-m

babyberry-w670We have received so much media love for Oishi-m of late that we just wanted to share the joy with you! (above babyberry.co.nz below babyology.com.au)

babyology-w670 kidindependent-w670above kidindependent.com below mumsgrapevine.com.au

mumsgrapevine-w670 NewIdea-w670Rebecca Judd, with her gorgeous children, baby Billie and big brother Oscar who is wearing Oishi-m’s Haystack Short in New Idea April 2014

Looks Who’s Wearing Oishi-m……

NewIdea-w670Gorgeous master Oscar Judd is wearing the Haystack Short in this super lovely photo shoot with the ladies in his life, his brand new sister Billie and their mum Rebecca. How sweet!

Even better you can get your Haystack Short at Oishi-m online , and your munchkin can be a super cool style bandit like Oscar.


Winter 14 Video…

Winter 14 will be released at 10am this morning, this video was shot at our local beach in Torquay. Hope you like it!  Winter 14 will be available from our lovely Stockists, our www.oishi-m.com and our Torquay Store.

MORE Media Love for Us!

The gorgeous Papier Mache Magazine has put us in their latest print edition.

IMG_6861In their ‘News’ section they have featured our spunky, massively popular, super cool Mujilatte Crew. There is also an ace little insight story on Oishi-m too! Thanks for the love Papier Mache!


More Media Love for Oishi-m….. Papier Mache & My Child Magazines



Grasshopper Short Sleeve T Shirt – Papier Mache Magazine

Wow, we have certainly received some great media coverage of late in some super ace magazines that we want to share the joy with you!

IMG_6712 IMG_6717


Acceptance Longsleeve T Shirt – My Child Magazine


Right On Short Sleeve T Shirt - My Child Magazine

MyChildTheBestWebsitesAd-w670Play the Gig Chubba Jean – SOLD OUT  - My Child Magazine


 Tulip Dress – My Child Magazine